Maeva and Miya having a tea party!

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016 I wish you all a Happy New Year 2016. Make wishes and let 2016 realize all of them! I wish you a healthy year! Without the health, it is difficult to achieve everything else! 

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!

Hello everyone! I hope you had as good a Christmas as we had! The kids were very spoiled I can tell you! I love looking at my kids on Christmas day and seeing their smiles. That means everything!

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The Adorables!

Maeva and Miya, you are 2 years old

Maeva and Miya, you are 2 years old! Happy Birthday Maeva, Happy Birthday Miya, Happy Birthday girls! You are 2 years old!! Time flies way too fast! Where are my babies???

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We don't have diapers!

3 Day Potty Training with Twins

3 day potty training with twins: does it work? The girls have been interested in the toilet for a while now and after reading the 3 day potty training book, I decided to give it a try! The date was fixed (labour day weekend) and as the weekend began I got a little worried. Will…

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21 months old twins! Busy time!

Hello everyone, It’s been a while since I published a post but I can tell you I’m so busy all day that at night I want to go to bed as soon as the kids are in bed!

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Cute Boy!

Diapers free ;)

Diaper free We are officially diaper free for our big boy! The day he turned 4, he decided that he will not put on diapers anymore!!! Thank God! I was starting to think he will wear them until he is 18 years old!! Lol!!

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We are having fun

Maeva and Miya are 18 months old!

Maeva and Miya are 18 months old! I still remember when I gave birth to these two beautiful girls! I feel like it was yesterday! Crazy!! It’s 1.5 years ago….. I can’t believe it!

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Life is good!

Letter to my son

Dear Mateo My little boy, I should say my big boy! You are turning 4 years old today and we are going to celebrate it with your friends at the Burnaby Central  train station! Hope you will have fun! My boy, you are my best little boy! You are so smart and clever and you surprise me every…

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Good moment with my girls!

The TwinGo carrier, the super carrier for twins!

The TwinGo carrier, the super carrier for twins! I received the carrier a month and half ago and I can tell you it is an awesome carrier for parents of twints! As a mom of twins, I really like it! I wish I had it from the beginning!

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Let have a walk! (Maeva left, Miya right)

Maeva and Miya are 16 months old

Maeva and Miya are 16 months old and time flies way too fast! These girls are funny! They are more happy than ever and now it is easier to be around people too as they are less distant or afraid! We went to see the pediatrician and Miya is 10.1kg and Maeva 10.45kg! They are over…

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