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The baby swing – My new lifesaver

As you know my girls don’t want to sleep at the same time so I’m always with one girl and that makes it difficult for me to rest or to do stuff in my home! And it’s particularly difficult to manage two crying babies! (I really hate it when they are both crying because I feel helpless!)
And then we bought a baby swing on Craigslist. It’s my lifesaver! It’s been two months now that we have it!

The name of this particular baby swing is Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing from Fisher Price.
I recommend it to everybody who has 1, 2, 3 or more children. Get it that means if you have any kids I’m recommending it to you!

Why did I buy it? Because I remembered that we had one for Mateo and he loved it. It wasn’t this one. We had the Fisher-Price Cradle’n Swing. It was a good one too!


This lifesaver lets Maeva or Miya take a relaxing swing while watching plush rainforest friends frolic in the mobile above. It entertains and soothes my babies.
I like its two settings provide front-to-back or side-to-side swinging motion and it is colorful which is good for my babies development! There are 12 different songs and nature sounds that create a peaceful environment in the house!!
There are also six soothing swing speeds to suit your baby’s mood.
And the big advantage of this swing is that it can be plugged in the the wall with an adaptor. Most swings on the market use batteries and I don’t want to imagine how much that can be costly!

Mateo likes the relaxing music and puts it every morning! I think both girls are having fun in this swing. And they take turn to sleep on it! Very helpful for me because it’s easier to manage one girl!

I don’t put them on it all day. Laying down is a better position for movement and physical development. But it is good to have it!

So for people who have one baby, you will be able to do stuff at home!!! For people who has more than one baby, it will help you to have only one baby to look after! And if you have space, buy two swings and you will have some hands free for doing stuff!!

If we had space I would have invested for sure in two baby swings!!!

So I really really recommend it for everyone who has one or more babies!!

Maeva in the baby swing
Maeva in the baby swing