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35 weeks pregnant with twins

One more week already!! Each day is precious now! I really would like to keep them 2 more weeks but I’m having so many contractions that I’m wondering if it will be possible!!!
These contractions are not painful at all but last night I had at least 20 in less than an hour! I could be lying down, standing up or walking and they were still coming! Between each of them, the girls were moving!!

I was almost questioning myself! Maybe I’m in labour but I don’t know it yet! Maybe I will have no pain at all for delivering the girls! (Hmm… for this last sentence I think it’s a dream!!)

So how am I feeling?

I am tired! Very tired actually! I have been having insomnia for the last 2 days from 3am to 5-5:30am! The only problem is that when I’m finally going to fall asleep I have a little boy who sings and calls Mommy! Today I let him call me until 6:05! Actually I fell asleep for 20-25 minutes!

I’m wondering if my body is preparing me for the nights I’m going to have feeding the girls! So insomnia equals Babies awake and my body is saying “mommy to be, you need to be prepared to be tired and exhausted!” I would like to remind my body that I already know it as I had a boy already and I do not need a reminder for it! I KNOW I’m going to have sleep deprivation but please body don’t give it to me too soon!!!

Otherwise, I’m getting bigger and bigger everyday! My belly measures 45 cm and my blood pressure is normal 118/72.

I gained 2 more pounds which mean I’m at 147 lbs which means I gained 41 pounds! Whaouu difficult to imagine to gain so much!! But ya I did and really… I’m in the low weight!

On the app I found “weight gain” they said “congratulations on maintaining a healthy pregnancy weight” I like getting a congrats on a Thursday morning! Lol!!!

I’m still not swelling which is king of cool! I’m drinking a lot a lot of water! Maybe that helps!

But when you drink a lot a lot of water it means going a lot to the toilet!! I should even add another “a lot”! I made Andrew   laugh 2 days ago. I’m on the sofa and said I need to pee so I stand up, go to pee and come back to sit on the sofa again and less than 5 minutes later I said “I need to pee!” “Again?” he said and I said yes again… “But it’s been less than 5 minutes you went!” “Yes I know it’s been less than 5 minutes ago!” He laughed! I wasn’t laughing because to stand up from the sofa is difficult so it means I have to do another effort! So I said “I give up,  not going to pee” but after 1 minute I ran to the toilet! Pff and for what? 3 drops!! I’m like… bladder are you kidding?! But no it is not kidding!!! Thanks girls for squeezing my bladder!
When I’m planning to go out, I plan not to drink for the last 1.5 hours! So my feeling to go to pee comes a little later… It’s kind of frustrating feeling to have a huge pee and it’s 3 drops!!!

And now the coolest subject! I really like feeling my girls moving! It’s kind of cool to see it too! I’m going to miss it a lot I think! Oh Maybe not! I will be too busy for that! Ha ha ha!!
When I think that I didn’t feel them a lot, I just have to touch my belly and hop there it goes… They are responding!!

Baby B doesn’t want to move her head and she is kind of stuck on my right rib! I will be not surprise if she comes with a big flat head! Poor girl! Baby A has her bum on the left and head under her sister! Ya they must like to be near each other head to head!

I’m wondering if when they will be out, to snooze them I will have to touch the bum for baby A and head for baby B! It will be an experimentation!! Because as all pregnant woman, you touch your belly very very often!!
For Mateo I was never able to know where he was! But for for the girls, it’s different! I guess because of the lack of space, it is easier to feel them!

I’m still planning for a vaginal delivery (I really hope the OB on call the night or day they decide to come will be open as I am!) I’m kind of hopping the OB on call is my OB! My chance is low, 1/15 (6.67%!), but it will be awesome because my chance to deliver naturally will be increasing a lot!!!

My stretch marks are still there… I can’t really see if they are growing but I’m guessing that is a yes ;(
My midwife said it is a mark for some beautiful babies!! Ya ya I would like beautiful babies without a mark for life!! I’m wondering if it is like a tattoo! When you do one, it’s for life!!! I guess I will keep in touch on this subject in few months or a year!!

My mood is good for a big mama! I’m sometimes worried but otherwise I’m okay!! I’m wondering for Mom’s who are pregnant with twins if you can’t be worried at all!

My mother in law told me that there is a lot of births at the full moon. And she also said it was November 3rd which would be good! So I’m like yayy November 3rd perfect day!!! But unfortunately, the full moon is not November 3rd but October 18 and October 18 is tomorrow…. No no no it can’t be true! I do not want to give birth tomorrow!

We have a date plan with Andrew and it is too early!!! Please, please girls don’t listen Grandma for the full moon, listen to her for November 3rd!!!

Update: I just came back from the OB appointment and my girls are transverse so at this point I will have a c-section if they are coming… I really, really, really hope they will be good and move their heads or their bums down! I give them the choice, specially for baby A! We will see! I think I am going to be on my knees and arms more and more!! I am so scared of c-section!

35 weeks pregnant with twins...
35 weeks pregnant with twins…
Version front! 35 weeks pregnant with twins!
Version front! 35 weeks pregnant with twins!