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36 weeks pregnant with twins!

I’m a week away from my last milestone (37 weeks!) Whaouu I can’t even imagine I made it so far! Especially with a boy that asks a lot of his mommy! I still take him in my arms! He puts his legs on the top of my belly!! No I’m not doing it a lot but when Mateo is a little upset and really needs a cuddle I’m here for him. After we cuddle while sitting down…

This week was good and bad! Some days are very good without a lot of pain and other days are awful! Nights are the same! Sometimes I have insomnia almost all night and some nights are awesome!

Some days I have a lot of contractions and some days nothing….

The thing is that I’m getting very big now!! People make me laugh! They ask me if it’s any day now (looking at me that big) and I said ya in 4 weeks and they look at me with big eyes! Sometimes I say I have 2 girls and suddenly they say oh you are small for twins! I’m Iike… so I’m big and now I’m not?!!! Lol!!!

Sometimes I leave them with their big eyes!! It’s kind of funny!!

So I gained 1 lb this week with a total of 42 lbs in 36 weeks… Oh oh that’s a lot if we think about it!! Ok… I have two girls in my belly!!! But it’s heavy 42lbs… My belly is 44 cm!

I had an ultrasound this morning and baby A is breech and baby B transverse! They are head to head on the right side. Baby A weights 3.098kg (6.86lbs) and baby B 2.712kg (5.98lbs)… More than 12 lbs of babies…

The technician said it can be off of a pound either way! But still good weight!

I’m wondering what the weight of the placenta is? Is it double than for a singleton? Hummm… I will google it!

The heart of baby A beats at 157 and baby B’s is 153… Close together.

This week, the girls must have really less space because I really felt them less than before and less crazy anyway! But they move and they seem happy!!

I will still say that with a twins pregnancy, I feel more stress and I’m worried than with my boy! I’m analyzing every contraction I have. Because I’ve had some that I was almost asking myself if I was in labour! Not because of the pain but due to the number I had for an hour and also the consistency! It’s been a little less this week! Maybe because I was a little more quiet. I’m lying down a lot! Sitting or walking is becoming difficult and I can’t do it for long! So I do not have a real choice so I lie down! Right side, left side which ever is comfortable at the time.

After having all summer some cravings for tomatoes with mozzarella basil (which we had almost every night for a while! Andrew didn’t mind I guess!!), now it green olive turn! I don’t eat a lot but I really like the bitter saltiness of them! It’s weird because I cannot say I really like them but when I see them in the fridge I have to eat some!!!

Otherwise, I’m still not swelling yet (I’m a lucky mama so far!). I’m getting very tired, very fast! And it’s getting difficult to walk!! I’m like a penguin who walks like a snail!! Lol!!! This time I will not do a marathon for sure!!!!

I had my appointment with my OB this afternoon and really I was surprised that he took 35 minutes with us! Normally it is like 5-10 min max but today we spoke about c-section. I prepared a caesarean birth plan and he took the time to review it and to tell me what is possible and what is not.  I will modified it with his corrections and I will publish it soon. After being afraid of a Cesarean in my mind for so long I totally accepted it and became almost comfortable with it. My priority is the health of my babies.

Update: I had insomnia that night and my body was very very itchy everywhere from hands to feet…

So today I had an appointment with my midwife and they had some concerns that there is a link with my liver. So she wants to do some tests but she can’t order all of them so she recommend I go to the hospital. I’m getting worried… So I called my OB and he doesn’t seem concerned at all. It’s still the health of my babies so we decided (midwife and I) to do some blood tests. After I can see what the results are and decide what is best for me! I still think it’s better to check and if there is nothing… good but if there is something going on, I can call back my OB and we can discuss it!

My blood pressure is higher 110/88 so maybe there is a link… We will see… I will keep you updated!

I really hope I will be able to sleep tonight because tomorrow it is a big day for me! It is the ceremony of my graduation!!! Finally the day arrived!!!

36 weeks pregnant with Twins - Side
36 weeks pregnant with Twins – Side
36 weeks pregnant with Twins - Front
36 weeks pregnant with Twins – Front