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My twins girls are 4 months old

Brother and Twins
Maeva and Miya are 4 months old!

4 months old already… They change so fast… and they look more and more alike! Yes they are identical but until now, the weight difference made them more recognizable!

But Miya is slowly catching up to Maeva. They differ now by only 300g! They measure the same length and their heads are the same size! So now, when we were not sure who was who, we needed to look at their right ears! Why? Because it is the only difference they have! Maeva has a v shaped ear that doesn’t have Miya!

Miya ears
Miya ears
Maeva ears
Maeva ears

At the pediatrician appointment, he was very happy by their growth. I can tell you I felt good about it because I had no idea about their weight and did not know if they were on track or not! It is difficult to figure out when you are exclusively breastfeeding. And as I see them every day, I don’t see them changing as much.

I was telling my pediatrician that I have two cool babies and I felt lucky!

Aand his answer was that I should enjoy the honeymoon period because when they start to move and eat, it will be a different story! I am sure it will be different but another kind of fun!

Their heads are very strong now. We do tummy time very often and it seems that they really enjoy it! Mateo hated it but they love it!!! They both roll over from tummy to back but I don’t think it was on purpose!!! But it was cool to watch! I tried to do a video on it but of course they didn’t do it anymore!!

When they are very happy, they kick their legs like crazy! Their kicks are getting stronger and stronger and if we hold them with their feet on the floor, they will push down on their legs!

Miya and Maeva on the floor
Miya and Maeva on the floor
We turn…
We are still tuning
Who win?

They have a clear recognition of mommy, daddy and brother!

They smile at us like crazy and they will follow our voice! Now, when they hear my voice, they will look directly at me and they start gurgling or trying to talk back. It is so cute!

I really like this moment! They also listen so when I sing I will see if they like it or not! If they like it, they will stop what they were doing and listen. I can really notice it when they are crying! I sing and they stop crying (unfortunately it doesn’t work all the time!)

After it is not easy to entertain (all day) two babies… I try to make sure that both babies have the same attention, which I found not very easy all the time. Sometimes, Maeva needs more attention and sometimes it is more for Miya.  So it is difficult. I love both my girls identically so I really do my best!

Their sleep at night is getting better and better. Now I breastfeed 2-3 times instead of 4-6 times!

Big improvement! I hope they will sleep through the night soon… but I think it will be not possible until they get their own room! Because I am sure that they must smell my milk and wake up because of it!

These girls like to eat so I am still breastfeeding every 2 hours during the day. Sometimes it is 3 hours but it is very rare!

It seems that both girls discovered their hands and fingers. It is funny to watch Maeva looking at her fingers! She moves them and smiles! They like to put all their hands in their mouth! Not very cool this part because it makes them puke!

I can now put the girls on the mat for short periods of time and they have their moment of contentment without me! It gives me some time (a little) to clean the kitchen, fold a load of laundry or write a post! They also love tummy time!

Tummy Time
Tummy Time

It is funny to look at them when they are on the floor! They like to kick their legs and they are able to move!

So I put them parallel to each other and I can find them perpendicular! They also go on their side now! Are they going to turn soon? Not sure but I am watching it!

If one of the girl cries, if I start singing “frère Jacques” she stops instantly and listens! Amazing how it works! Very interesting.

I think and I find it is very early but they are going to have some teeth soon… We can see something on the bottom of their mouths… Too early!

Maeva is the one who complains more about this and as soon as I put my teething oil, she will stop within 1 minute!

Nap time is still not in the crib… I am not in favour of crying out and I don’t believe it works for me. I tried it a few times but listening to a baby or babies screaming… it doesn’t make sense to me! So they are in the living room in their bouncer! Sometimes I have to bounce them and sometimes not! But I don’t hear screaming!

Brother and Twins

Miya was the one who was falling asleep but after it changed and it was Maeva and now nobody!!! I still try to put them in the crib but I don’t let them scream!

Overall, I can say that I have two healthy and happy babies.

Voila for this month… See you next month …

My twins girls are 4 Months old
My twins girls are 4 Months old