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Teething baby

Miya is more fussy lately and it’s not her habit… So what’s going on to my baby girl? She is teething. Actually both are teething. We can see white teeth under the gum in the bottom front but they are not there yet…

Miya keep sticking her finger deep into the right side of her mouth and she has difficulty to breastfeed… I was curious to look in her mouth! So I looked and she has a spike of a tooth jutting up way in the back.

What? At 4.5 months old and her first tooth is a molar?
That is crazy, babies normally get front teeth first. I looked again and again and yes it’s white on the left back…

on the left...first white molar is coming
on the left…first white molar is coming

I couldn’t believe it! I even asked Andrew to confirm!!!

So ouch she must have pain! People always told me that the molars are the most painful tooth to come!
So let’s get positive, now for the next one, she will be like okay it’s not so painful!!! Lol!!!
Anyway Poor girl!

Normally, on average, babies begin teething between 4 to 6 months and finish by 30 months:

4–8 months – 4 lower incisors
8–10 months – 4 upper incisors
12–15 months – first molars
20–24 months – upper and lower eye teeth
20–30 months – second molars

While babies differ in when they start teething, how it progresses is predictable.
So what do I do that seems to work for her and actually to my three kids?

I put some teething oil on her gum from bug & pickle. (See review here)

I put a amber necklace (during the day) around her neck and on her ankle during the night.

I give them during the day the traditional French “Sophie la girafe” !! They grab Sophie try to put it in their mouth but it doesn’t work so they let it go. They are not in toys yet but later on it will work perfectly

I give them my fingers! (cleaned of course!!). They like the pressure and rubbing their gums help them.  I can say miya bites my finger! Of course she is not strong enough to make me pain but I can say she liked it!!!

and of course extra cuddles!  Sometimes the best soother is some extra attention from mommy.

But to tell you the truth both girls still prefer their hands than anything else!!!

Some people give acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relieve pain and swollen gums but I dont really like to give pain killer to a such young age. I will if anything works before.

At bed time, Miya seems to be very bother. After breasfeeding, she doesn’t want to lie down and cries like crazy. She even cries on our arms. So I took her outside the room, gave her everything above and keep her on me for a while. She slept on my arm a part of the night. She needed extra cuddle.


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    • Amie

      Oh that must be painful. My daughter had her first teeth when she’s at her 11th month.

    • Cathy Powell

      Awwww, poor girl! Well, like you said, the good thing is her next teeth won’t hurt that bad 🙂
      Glad to have stumbled upon your blog, you have some very entertaining stories and interesting tips on your blog Valerie 🙂

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