Questions that twin moms hate to hear

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Questions that mothers of twins hate to hear!

People are curious… very curious so when it comes to twins and they ask a lot of questions. And it bothers a lot of us twin moms!
Some questions bother me because it’s too private but in general it doesn’t affect me yet!

So what are the questions and answers?

– Are they twins? “No they are triplets but I leave the ugly one at home!” Or “no, they are triplets. oh crap where’s the other one?”

Brother and Twins Brother and Twins







Are they identical or fraternal? Oh this question if it’s answered creates more questions!

– Do twins run in your family?
So when I answer this question I say “no”, and sometimes I add “identical twins are not hereditary and are a random occurrence. It can happen to anybody… but people don’t understand. For them all twins must run in your family…
So they insist are there twins in your husbands family and I answer yes .. You can see on their face that it’s because of that… And they think you are a Mom of twins and you don’t have any knowledge about it. People come on. Listen… or Google it if you don’t trust the twin mom!!!

Were you on fertility drugs?

– The questions that bothered me yesterday in my elevator was about fertility drugs… Some privacy people…  This woman asked me if I took fertility drugs to get my twins. That was a little inappropriate to me…
I looked at her and said “excuse me?” And she said “oh… you don’t understand the question because you are French?”
I’m like what? Sorry, I had to answer and the guy next to her smiled “I understood the question (I always give a big smile!) and my answer is I had sex with my husband and it worked so well that we made two!”  And good the door open and I left! She had a strange look on her face! People what’s going on! Privacy please!!!

Are they natural? “They are not robots as far as I know!!” Again they want to know your sex life or if you struggle to get them… Where is the privacy?

How do you tell them apart? I spend time with them all day! I know their personality and they have some differences!

C-section? What is matter with you? What do you care if I deliver my baby by c-section or vaginly!

Which one is the good one? Ha ha ha do we ask this question to a singleton mom? I don’t think so! So why with twins do we need to have one good and one bad!! Come on!

You have your hands full, don’t you?  “Hands full, Hearts full!” Indeed.

– The funny comment from people at the red light the other day… “twins, I don’t know how you do it. Thank god I only had one at a time”. My answer is “I’m happy because it’s awesome! Oh and I have another one at home! They are like “What? Good luck”.

– I didn’t hear it yet but apparently it comes often “better you than me” some moms answer “that is for sure!!” or “ya God gave them to me not you” !!! Lol it makes me laugh!
I’m wondering what I will say if they tell me that!!!

“I feel so sorry for you, double trouble”! I will answer double fun, double love!!! I didn’t have trouble with my first one so why I will have trouble with two more!!

– Last time I went to doctors appointment for the girls a woman said, “wow two more boys!” I looked at her, smile (always smiling!) and said “Oh yes my boys love to wear pink and purple”!!!

Brother and Twins

I might forget some comments or some questions! I will update the article with what I hear from people!

Voila now you know what twins moms hate to hear! ha ha ha!!! I don’tt hear these questions often yet because I hide my girls with a blanket so I keep the secret!!! 🙂