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The TwinGo carrier, the super carrier for twins!

I received the carrier a month and half ago and I can tell you it is an awesome carrier for parents of twints! As a mom of twins, I really like it! I wish I had it from the beginning!

Mommy and the girls
Mommy and the girls


When I received the carrier, it was two bags (it is actually the pocket of each carrier!) ! It was small and I even asked myself if  it can be any good if it is so small? And I can tell you yes… it is really good!

So why do I like it?

The two carriers from the TwinGo are two different colors: one blue (the base carrier) and one orange (the attachment carrier! It is easy to recognize them.

Buckles and straps all are good quality and are solid. Stitches are reinforced at junction points with X-boxed stitches (for more security).

At each buckle there is a safety elastic to prevent any fall that could occur if a buckle happened to break. I am not concerned of the safety of the TwinGo buckles but I am referring to the potential break that is standard with any plastic part!) . For me the buckles are solid but this is another safety measure and I recommend to use them!

Good moment with my girls!

The pockets of the TwinGo carrier are a great size and there is one on each carrier. You could easily hold a few diapers, small bag of wipes, snack bag, wallet, keys, phone, etc. in the back pocket. But put the stuff you don’t need immediately because you can’t have access when you are carrying the babies. The pocket also functions as a carrying case so when you aren’t using the carrier (because your kiddos want to run like mine) you put the carrier in their own bag. Or for storing at home when you aren’t using it, protect it in the bag that you will never lose because it is the pocket lol!

It’s well made  (100% cotton) and very comfortable! My girls are over 22 lbs and the weight is well distributed onto my hips. It feels comfortable on the shoulders. It doesn’t hurt my back at all. It doesn’t feel that I am carrying 44lbs!

Maeva on the road!
Maeva on the road!


The TwinGo carrier is light and easy to put on. In two seconds I had both of my girls on my back and in front! I really like this carrier because you can easily turn this tandem carrier into two separate carriers. So you can carry one baby and your hubby or someone else can carry the second baby! And that is awesome!! And you can use each single carrier on the front or on the back. Different options for different moments!


I have an ergo for my first baby and this TwinGo carrier is like the ergo for twins! So if you have tried the ergo and like it, I can guarantee you will like this twin carrier!

With daddy
With daddy

Like the Ergo, this carrier is the best because of its ergonomic design. It supports a correct sitting position for my girls’s hips, and spine growth. The sleeping hood (super soft) is a good support for their head when sleeping and it protects them to not be disturbed!

With this carrier, I have my hands free and I can take care of my son and play with him!

I wish I had this TwinGo carrier when the girls were 4 months old. I would have used it way more than now. My girls like it because they can snuggle with mommy and snooze a little bit but they are in a stage to run so after a while, I have to let them go! But I can tell you I love to have them on me!

One important thing, this TwinGo carrier can be used only when your babies can hold their head correctly so it is not for newborns. For me, I would wait until my babies are over 4 months old! But from the manufacturer, you can use the TwinGo Carrier as 2 single carriers on your front (one per adult) for babies starting at 10lbs. The Back Carry Position is the one that has the restrictions so only one baby has to have the head/neck control. I still think they should put an insert like the ergo does for newborn to protect the baby’s neck (but it is just my opinion!)

Happy Maeva!
Happy Maeva!

The TwinGo carrier allows you to carry two children simultaneously, for a total maximum weight of 70 pounds, or separately, for a maximum weight per carrier of 40 pounds. It is good that I feel that my girls are well secured in it! I could still carry my son who is almost 4 years old and just under 40lbs! But he prefers to run and pretend that he is Flash!

I lost so much weight due to breastfeeding the girls and running after 3 children so the only thing that could bother me is that if I tighten it to the maximum and if I don’t wear something a little bit thick, it will not be tight enough for me (but I am under 110lbs). This problem is only when I have both babies on me but if I have only one, the adjustment is good. But you can wear both carrier with their own belt so the waist can be as small as 20″. I found that it is just less comfortable with two belts (here is the link for sizing guide)

The three girls!
The three girls!


Also I have to put my smaller twin in front and sometimes it is problematic as the other one would like to be in front! But it makes sense to wear the biggest one in the back!

Voila, now I have to say goodbye to the carrier… I will send it to Ontario on Monday so that somebody can try it and love it like me!


With the consent of TwinGo LLC, I am doing a giveaway! So please play the game and good luck to everyone! (I am sorry the giveaway is only open for US and Canada). The contest will be running for one week from now and the winner will win a free TwinGo Carrier!

Good Luck and the winner will be a lucky mama! For others, you can buy it online directly from TwinGo Carrier. It is $199.


Please click here to win the free TwinGo Carrier


This review is my own experience and I didn’t get any compensation for it. No free carrier or anything! It is a review from a twin mom proper view!


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    • Michelle H

      I am so jealous that you got to review this carrier! My twins are 2 1/2 now and I would have run out to buy it in a second when they were smaller! I’m laughing, too, at the idea that your “back” baby wants time with Mom in the front. I totally get it! 🙂

      • TheVJamin

        Thank you Michelle for reading my review!
        The one from behind gave me hugs from behind 😉 I wish I could have kept it and also I wish I knew about it when the girls were born!!

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