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My Obstetrician: Dr. Henry L. Woo

I really recommend Dr. Henry L. Woo as an obstetrician for expecting Moms. He is a wonderful man.

Here is the letter I wrote for him after the birth of my twin girls!

Dear Dr Woo,

I still don’t know how I can thank you for what you have done on Tuesday November 5th.
I will never forget you and your amazing job you are doing.

I’m so happy that I trusted you and you trusted me by what I was able to do.
I prepared two birth plans and one was just in case of emergency c-section.

You took the time to read them and to explain me what was possible to do and what wasn’t.

You were able to accomplish all my wishes on Tuesday November 5 and I still think about how I was lucky to meet you.
You came the next day of the birth and told me you had to come to the birth because nobody else could have done it. I know it is so true but you didn’t have to come. It really is proof that you care very much for your patients and you really love what you are doing.

It is not even a job for you anymore it is a vocation.
You also teach other doctors and I’m sure Dr Lyons will never forget it. She will be more confident for the next one.
You are an amazing person, you know how to delegate and make sure everybody learns from the experience. I am sure all your team in the room will never forget this experience too.

Maeva and Miya will be one week tomorrow. They are very healthy and it is amazing how they are bonding together.

Thank you again for this amazing experience.
I am writing a blog and I wrote an article about my birth. If you want to take a look.

It is a memory that will never be forgotten!

I will make sure to recommend you to other expecting Moms I will meet in the future.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you again,

Valerie and the family


Dr. Henri L. Woo was my obstetrician and I really recommend him specially if you have breech baby or breech babies on the way. He can delivery your baby safely naturally.

Thank you