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It’s a very funny period at this age, a 29 months old toddler! He makes me laugh by his acting and by his speaking. He also surprises me and sometimes I’m flabbergasted!!

I don’t know about you but Mateo is doing and repeating everything we do. I guess it’s time to be careful of what we do and say!!!!

And if we ask him to do something and we do not do it, for sure he will not do it! He is not fussy, he doesn’t complain, he doesn’t cry but he will repeat “mommy (or papa) has to do it too!”
So here are few funny moments for one day! Every day is different with new funny moments! I could write pages of pages!!!


  • I’m wearing a blue shirt with no arms, he wants a blue shirt with no arms! But it’s getting cold so as parents we don’t want that he wears a short t-shirt so I insist that he put on a long t-shirt underneath but forget about it! I can read his mind “why mommy can and not me?” Its true if you think about it! So as an alternative, I propose to him to put a hoody! but of course I have to wear one too!!! I was lucky I couldn’t close it because of my belly so it was fine for him I had a good excuse!! But I had to show him I couldn’t close it! (between us, I did on purpose! I’m pregnant and I’m always hot!!!)


  • Yesterday we were outside and it was windy and a little cold so I asked him to put on his hat from his jacket. He looked at me and said “Mommy too”! So I put mine on. And then he look at his Dad and said “Papa too!” But Andrew didn’t have a hat so I explained to him that he can’t because he doesn’t have one!!! He just said “oh!” and kept his hat on a few minutes. I took mine off but this boy is an observant boy and he noticed it very fast, so he took his hat off! Grrrr!!! I really wanted he keep it on but there is no point to fight for a funny thing so I put back my hat without saying anything and Mateo put it back too!!!!


  • Later on, we are at the light waiting our turn to go and Andrew was balancing on his right foot. Suddenly I could see Mateo doing the same! I noticed it and said to Andrew discretely look! So… Andrew switched his feet and Mateo switched his feet!! It’s funny because he was just doing it like it was just a normal thing to do!!!


  • I want bacon! His dad joking ” no Mateo doesn’t like bacon!” And Mateo answered like very excited “I like bacon, I’m going to eat ALL!”


  • This morning, Mateo and Andrew went to the storage. I asked Mateo to put on a jacket. He chose to wear the blue one. But his Dad was in T-Shirt and he insisted that he put on a jacket! Andrew put the jacket on and Mateo said ” Papa you have to close it now!” I laughed because I know Andrew doesn’t want to wear the jacket already but he wants even less to close it!!!! Anyway he closed it! Mateo is a powerful dude!!! I’m wondering in the storage if Andrew is going to take off his jacket and if Mateo is going to copy him!!!           Update on the jacket: So in the storage, Andrew said to Mateo I’m going to take off my jacket because I’m too hot and Mateo looked at him and said ” hum I’m too hot too I’m going to take off my jacket!” Lol! And he put his jacket on the top of Andrews one!!!!


  • Mateo is also repeating everything we say. It’s funny because I speak French to him so he repeat in French and what Andrew says  in English he repeats it in English. But sometimes with me he repeats what I say in English! That is for me impressive!


  • As you know, Mateo is in Potty training (which works well by the way), so we ask him regularly if he wants to pee. Sometimes he says yes but often he says no. But I know he wants to go by his body language: for example he is walking on the spot! But he is still saying no. So I say “mommy has to go!” and suddenly he says “Mateo has to go too!!”. So we go together! lol !! yes in our home, we can’t go to the toilet alone!!! There is always a boy following!


There are more things to say about this funny period but it will be too long!

If you have funny moments too, share it on the blog! Don’t be shy! Everybody like to laugh and it’s good to laugh!!!

Mateo on a taxi boat
Mateo on a taxi boat