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Diaper free

We are officially diaper free for our big boy! The day he turned 4, he decided that he will not put on diapers anymore!!! Thank God! I was starting to think he will wear them until he is 18 years old!! Lol!!

Mateo is a boy that knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want! So Mr. Mateo decided that he needed a diaper for pooing and at night!!

Mateo on the scooter!
Mateo on the scooter!

He was cleaned at 26 months for peeing but for poo poo he didn’t want to go to the toilet! He told us he will poo in the toilet when he will be as tall as daddy… Yup… Yup… He was pooing while sitting on the toilet into a diaper…
We tried everything… Offered him some treats, some gifts he really wanted… Nothing worked! Andrew put him many times on the toilet but it was just fight… Andrew also tried to trick him a few times by cutting a hole in his diaper and when he went poo it went direct in the toilet… Ya very silly, I know, but if you think about it… you have to try everything even if it is silly! It almost worked. But it didn’t work!! So a month ago I said to Andrew we should stop bothering him because it will take longer and longer…
I’m glad we stopped it! Because now he goes in the toilet with no problem!! We had to wait until he turned 4 🙂 so if you have the same issue, I promise it will get better!!!
At night, many times he didn’t want to put his diaper on but in the morning the diaper was so full that I didn’t want to stop it!
Until the night of his four’s birthday! We forgot to put it and he didn’t have any accident! The next day when we congratulated him, his answer was “I am 4 now, I am a big boy!!”

Too cute! So we decided that he will be not wear any diapers at night anymore!

Cute Boy!
Cute Boy!

We got few accident the first week but since last week nothing! He has his potty next to his bed! And that helps! I wish he goes direct to the toilet but he doesn’t feel comfortable to go there even though there is light all night for him just in case 😉

So I said to Mateo, we are going to put away the diapers and we will use them for the sisters when they will be bigger!!! And he said yes they are for my sisters!!!

(They might be cleaned before! They are fighting everyday to sit on the toilet even I am not ready to train them!! Lol!)
I know some kids are way in advance than him but everybody is different and I can tell you I am so happy for him and proud of him!

It is good for our wallet! These diapers are so expensive! Now it’s going to be the girls turn soon (hopefully!)! I don’t think they are ready but maybe in few months I will try! For now they sit on the toilet once a day just for fun (at their request!)

I proud of you Little Boy, I should say Big Boy!