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Mateo fell down on his head…

imageYesterday I went to pick up Mateo at daycare and we Mateo wanted a horse ride!
I just take him on my back and walk along. We had a lot of fun until he fell down.
So when we arrived at the daycare’s storage room get the stroller, I was going to put him down but I don’t know what happened but he fell off my back. He fell down badly actually. He bumped his head on the corner of the wall.
Luckily he cried right away (that is what the doctor said!).
So I grabbed him and went back inside the daycare to put some ice on his head!
I can tell you I’m not a calm mommy at this time! I’m in a state ofpanic. (I know you will tell me that I should not be but really it’s not easy!)
So we go back to daycare and asked for some ice.
I take off his hat and I see blood…. Oh, oh, I’m really panicking now. It’s bleeding and it’s his head… What did I do?
I grabbed him. Really hug him to try to calm him down (and to calm myself down too as I started to cry! ) I didn’t want him to see me crying. I was speaking to him and making him speak to be sure he was ok.
We looked at his head and luckily it wasn’t deep. We could see a little hole. I tried to call Andrew but of course he never answered his phone! Grrr…
I needed to go to the doctor to he sure he was fine!
When we arrived at the clinic, there was nobody so it was quick. The doctor checked Mateo and said “he should be fine”. Really, he should be fine? What does it mean? Because in my English it should be fine doesn’t tell me he is fine!
I asked if we should wait to put him in bed? She said no it should be fine! Again it doesn’t mean he is completely fine…. I hate this doctor…
Anyway, the it should be fine tells me that I’m going to wait a little bit to see how he is before he goes to bed… We never know…
Mateo was a good big boy this night. He was awesome actually! He went to bed one hour late but no whining and no crying! Maybe he cried everything out when he fell down!! Lol
As a mom, I can tell you I was very worried for my boy. And I felt very guilty that it was kind of my fault. If I would have not done the horse ride, it wouldn’t have happened…
So during the night, every time I breastfed (almost every hour because the girls were not synchronized!) I went to see Mateo to make sure he was breathing… I know I’m extreme… Maybe but it secured myself and I was able to go back to sleep without any anxiety!
Ya..  it’s my little boy and I love him so much I will never forgive myself if something happened to him!

I can’t say he’s my baby boy anymore because he will say : NO… I’m a BIG boy!! Lol!