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It’s official, the girls have been sleeping through the night since March 10, 2015! 16 months and 5 days!
And last night I slept 6 hours straight! It hasn’t happened for like 18 months! At the end of my pregnancy I had cholestasis and it was so itchy at night that I couldn’t sleep!

In the Bedroom
In the Bedroom

And you know, it is good to sleep 6 hours! Nobody woke up!! Yayyyyy! Even Mateo didn’t wake up at all.
I’m still tired though but I think it’s going to take some time to recharge my batteries!!

We decided to do a mild sleep training. So what did we do? First we read the Sleep Sense book that I had for Mateo! Interesting book by the way!
After, I decided that I will not feed them at night at all! Ya, no food as they do not need it and I know it was more of a habit than anything else!
We also changed the bedtime.  Everybody goes to bed at 6:30pm. Before I was taking one girl at a time and almost each time they were falling asleep on my boobies! So no more falling asleep!
We put both girls in the room put a turtle that projects stars and turn on our sheep for white noise (it’s more like river running than white noise!)
So I feed one girl and sing some French songs and after I switch. Both go on bed while awake!
And after I or Andrew say “Sleepy time” in a singing voice. We stay in the room until they fall asleep (almost no crying, just some complaints but really no big deal). Remember I don’t like to let my babies cry!

During night it was another story! It took almost 2 weeks to adjust to the no feeding!
Maeva was waking up every 2 hours the first few days and Miya every 3!
Andrew took care most of the time but there were some times where he couldn’t do it anymore! I could hear “sleepy time” thousand times and they had difficulty to settle so I had to go there and help Andrew. I felt bad as they were smelling my milk but they didn’t have it… but most of the time it was ok after a while. I hug them and comfort them. The first few days it was tough for all of us and after that it was better and better! Miya started to sleep through the night first!
They are still waking up early but since daylight savings, it got a little better and now they wake up at 6am. At 5-6am, I take them and feed them. I don’t feel to battle for one hour… yesterday they went back to sleep with us!
So we followed the sleep sense program with some adaptation as I didn’t want to wait 5 or 10 minutes after they were waking up at night!
The last few times Andrew went it didn’t last long. After one or two minutes he was back to bed!
I think they’re finally starting to understand that at night it’s time to sleep! Now I am going to cross my fingers that it doesn’t change!!

Nap time, we are still struggling… Miya didn’t even want to sleep this morning… so of course we have an overtired baby tonight and it’s been difficult to put her to sleep! I guess everything doesn’t work all the time!



Story Time
Story Time