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Visit to the doctor… The girls were very sick during the holidays. It was kind of a cold with plugged noses and coughing. Miya was the one who was the most sick. She made me worried at night. She was fine during the day but at night she was having a high fever and her breathing was kind of fast. She slept a few nights with us. She wasn’t eating at all, just breastfeeding.

And on Dec 25 and 26, it got a little worse and she began to be kind of lethargic during the day but still no fever and her breathing was okay and not as fast as it was at night. Her Mama was worried enough that we decided to bring her to the walk in clinic. I called a few of them and we found only one who was still accepting patients with a 4 hour wait! Ya, ya 4 hours wait! Anyway, we put both girls on the list and we went home! They slept almost the whole the time and one hour before we left, they woke up and they were happy and back playing.

So I decided to still go to the doctor because I wanted to be sure she will not have this fever during the night again.

So here is our visit to the doctor: The doctor asked us what was going on and we explained the situation. Then he examined the girls. Looked at the ears… They were both screaming like crazy.

The doctor looked at us and said they need antibiotics and we will need to do a chest x-ray. What? Why?  I knew they were sick but sick like that I didn’t really feel it. So I started to ask questions and  the doctor stopped me and said “listen, your girls have everything”.

Me replying: “Everything? What do you mean?”

He said; ” they have ear infections, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, the flu and maybe pneumonia…”

I am like ok… that can’t be true… these girls were playing just before we were coming to see the doctor…. Come on! Anyway,  so he prescribed some blue and yellow aspirator which would give them some steroids to improve breathing! The blue one we would use as needed and the yellow one we would use a few times a day for 10 days. And I was still not convinced so he drew a picture of the airways and he explained what is happening.

He also asked me to open their pyjama to look at their breathing… I know that if the chest is moving like crazy, it will be not good but I would not have go to a walk in clinic, I would have go directly to the hospital. I found he was really exagerating. All of the senarios was kind of exagerated…

Then he mixed up both girls, their weight. So he was giving Miya bigger dosage but she is the smallest and when he finnaly gave me the prescription, both papers had Maeva’s name… Oh and that was at the end when he said “do you want to go with the chest x-trays?” as if it was an add on sale. Andrew and I looked at each other and said “of course not if we do not need it!”

In my mind it was like he is crazy, this doctor.

So as soon as we went outside, I said to Andrew “we go tomorrow to see another doctor… There is no way I am going to give these antibiotics, aspirators and chest x-rays until I have a second opinion.”

He agreed with me. So at night both girls slept with us. I was still a little worried but I didn’t think they were sick as the doctor was describing…

So the next day, we went to see another doctor. This time, we only waited half an hour.

Same thing, the doctor asked us what was going on and he examined them. And he said ” in Canada we do not give antibiotics to a viral infection so it will pass in few days and if it doesn’t get better come back”

But they don’t have an ear infection? And he said I didn’t see any problem in their ears. I was shocked… Like I was out of words. In my mind I was like what is going on! The first doctor said they have EVERYTHING and this one said no big deal just a big cold! At he end he said “they are big girl for their age, they are strong. They are very strong and they will fight this virus by themselves because they are strong!!” yes, yes, he repeated it four or five times they were strong!!

He looked at big bro and said to him ” you are a good boy, you are strong like your sister!”

Ha ha ha! But it is not funny at all! Two visits to two different doctors that are both extreme! But really you have to trust your Mama instinct and we decided to trust the second doctor and that we will see how it goes in couple of days. They were not lethargic anymore and they were drinking Mama milk.

Within 2 days, the cough desappeard and they had only a mild runny nose…


In conclusion, I really feel it is crazy. And I do not think it is normal to go to see two doctors. It is also not normal that they don’t have the same opinion. It is kind of scary… How can I trust a doctor now? I will have to get a second opinion for each visit? I am angry and worried…


Miya after two days - After a Visit to the doctor
Miya after two days

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    • Cecilia

      I hope and wish that you all are well again. Health is so important.

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