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What can I say about me?
This is me the day before Mateo was born!
This is me the day before Mateo was born!
My name is Valerie and I am French woman living in Vancouver, BC Canada. I grew up in France and decided to come in Canada in March 2007.
I met my future husband, Andrew, in 2008.
I love chocolate, laughing, music, hiking, skiing and so much more…

I am an active busy woman that can not spend a  day doing nothing…In 2010 we found out I was pregnant. I had a very good pregnancy and gave birth at home. Today we have an awesome little boy, Mateo, 3 years old (A post will come later about his special birth).

In the meantime, I get birth in November 2013 of monozygotic twin girls. With three children, I am a busy mama who is taking one year maternity leave

The purpose of this blog to detail my experience about my twin pregnancy, having a toddler and twins with the good, bad and crazy things that will happen. I hope you will enjoy and maybe this blog will help you for your own journey!

Goofing around with the family!
Goofing around with the family!

This blog is my own opinion and experience and does not make me an expert in any of the topics you will read about here. Feel free to comment if you agree, disagree or have something to add to the conversation. I’d love to hear from you. I believe you should follow your instincts as a parent… mother knows best!

Voila… Hope you will enjoy as I enjoy to do it and I would love your feedback and comments on all my posts.



Brother And Twins
Maeva, Mateo and Miya