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When Mateo started daycare in May 2012, we needed to put his name on all the clothes we were bringing over there. So I started to look around and I found a good website, Mabel’s Labels at I really like their products.

The first time, I bought only the clothing labels, called Tag Mates. I like them a lot. First of all, you do not need to iron it! Yayy! That is a cool thing (I hate ironing! and I never iron!!!!!). We washed the clothes many, many times and the label are still on! Great job making them waterproof! I even used them for his shoes! The shoes were so tiny at this time that was good enough! I got 70 labels for $21. I think it is a good price especially since it is great quality! What I also like about this company is that you can custom all your labels! For example, for Mateo I took a shark and blue colors! But you can do what you prefer!

I like this product so much I signed up as an affiliate. If you order Mabels Labels through the links on this page I will get a small commission. If you do, thanks so much… I appreciated it!


Their customer service is awesome! I remembered I used it because instead of putting Mateo with his last name, I just put Mateo! After I paid I realized that it would have been better to put his last name! I sent an email right away and they answered to me with “no problem, we can correct it”. That was super cool!

The second time I bought their labels, it was when I ran out of my 70 labels!! But this time, I bought three different kinds of labels: I still bought the Tag Mates, but also Shoe Labels and Sticky Labels. This time, I used a whale for the Tag Mates and Shark for the other labels! The shipping was free for this order!  I still love the quality of their products.

Mateo is too young to go to school yet, but I am planning to use their Label Combo Packs.

For kids who have an allergy, they also have a label for that. You can customize them with a label that specifies allergies on items such as lunch bags, food and drink containers, and travel gear. It is good for daycare, school or everywhere your kids go!

If you go to their website, you will also see that there are labels for household use. They are designed for staying organized at home! (I should use them, maybe I will be more organized!) It includes storage labels, canister labels, food expiration labels, jar and can labels, trash bin sticky labels, recycling bin labels, and seasoning/spice jar labels…


My next order will be when the girls will come! I will buy the Sticky Labels, Tag Mates, Shoe Labels and I might try their household labels!

Try them and you will be not disappointed! I can guarantee you! I really recommend them! Great product, great business!