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Hello everyone,
It’s been a while since I published a post but I can tell you I’m so busy all day that at night I want to go to bed as soon as the kids are in bed!

Little Chat on the balcony!

So what is new since the 18 months mark?
The girls are growing fast now. They are 21 months old twins and it is a busy time! They are changing so much!

First they are on everything! You can’t leave them 5 minutes without any trouble!!!
Today for example I left 5 minutes to go to the toilet… Not long at all but the three of them took the markers and had some fun on the sofa! I can tell you I yelled 100 times No no no ……
I took all markers and from now on they will be allowed only on the kitchen table….

New Art from the kids... grrrr
New Art from the kids… grrrr

You are maybe thinking how come they had the markers? Before I went to the toilet Mateo was drawing on paper… I needed to go so I took the markers away (because it’s happened a while ago but that time it was on the wall) but he found a way to take them back… And I can tell you 3 of them were having fun…. Here pictures…
Lucky me I bought these washable markers which were $1 more expensive than the normal ones and I can tell you that I’m so thankful I did pay the $1! Everything was cleaned within 5 minutes with a little water on a sponge!

As you can see it is a busy time but it is a fun time too! Touching everything, discovering everything is cool to watch!

Sunscreen Party!

Last week, I was at work when hubby was looking after them! One stapled her finger (she went to Andrew office and somehow found the stapler) then they grabbed the sun screen cream and had a little party on the floor!
When I came back the house was a mess (very greasy floor) and Hubby told me that he was so glad to see me! Lol!! He had some frustration this day! I was laughing because now he knows why I’m so tired at night! They are on everything…. If you forget something on the table and they should not have it you can be sure that within 2 minutes (even they were not in the same room) that they have it on their hands!!!! If one does something the other copies it and vis versa!
It’s a challenging period but it is also a fun period!
They can also play nicely for some time! They love Mateo’s Lego (I’m always worried they eat them but they seems good with it so far). They love balls and cars! They are not into dolls yet but I think it’s because they are around Mateo!
They are very cuddly and kiss each other very often! They are also very compassionate. If one is crying because she had an “owie” the other one will come to cuddle her back and give her kisses! So cute!!!

The girls are starting to speak. I will say they are slowly making some words! They often repeat a word (I’m guessing the one they like because it is not all). The “No no” appeared in Miya mouth. It’s funny! On the morning I say to her lets go to see papa and she looks at me and says “no no no no no…”and laughs!!!!
It’s like a game!
Maeva is very independent during the day and loves walking. Miya is opposite! She prefers to be in my arms (not in the stroller either) than walking.
But at night it’s completely opposite! Miya falls asleep on her bed very easily but it’s a battle with Maeva. As soon as I put Maeva in our bed, within 2 minutes (sometimes less than that) she stopped crying and fall asleep instantly… Miya will sleep in her bed but will wake up at 3am and if she doesn’t feel her sister in the room she will not go back to sleep until I bring her to our bed where Maeva is sleeping!

I’m still breastfeeding them but it’s more for comfort that anything else. One in morning for a good morning and one at night for a good night (they play more than anything else!) and still few times during night for comfort! Sometimes I am so tired at night that I say “no… sleepy time” They will cry for 30 seconds and lie down again to sleep! So I know they don’t need it at all at night! But I’m not consistent with the no!

Maybe I’m not completely ready to stop!!!

I love you, sister!
I love you, sister!

These girls never had any bottles. They went from the breast to cup and I don’t regret it. For Mateo I had to wean him from the breast (he kind of weaned himself with a little help!) and wean him from the bottle. It wasn’t too complicated (lucky us but still!)

The three new things that they are obsessed with is cleaning their teeth, sitting on the toilet and helping with the chores!
For their teeth, I let the water run a little and if I wasn’t stopping it, they will be cleaning their teeth for hours! It’s awesome to have a step so they can see themselves in the mirror! Very funny to watch because they do exactly like me (we still have to redo it after but they are good!)

Brush teeth time!
Brush teeth time!

For the toilet, they don’t really pee in it (actually Maeva peed and pood once!) but they love to sit on it!! It’s often a battle to who will stay the longest on the toilet! The problem is that we have two girls and only one toilet! I let you imagine the consequence of having only one toilet!!! Fight! Fight and cries!!
And for the help it’s awesome! They will bring the jam, milk, forks, spoons (no knives allowed!), plates on the table! They love to help! They like to unplug the dishwasher!! Mateo was the same at this age and it’s so cute to see happiness in their eyes for helping! We are looking forward that they prepare the dinner for us!! Lol! We will have to wait quite a bit but it is still cool!!!

The biting phase seems gone now. I cross my fingers that it’s 100% over! But they are fighting often for the same toys! They can have two identical toys, they will still fight for the same one!
Having fun outside!