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Locked in the car

Today was a scary day for me… let me explain!

Every morning, I go to drop Mateo at preschool. Then I go park the van and wait the girls wake up. No big deal until now. The girls woke up and I fed them in the car. I let them play in the car now. They love to drive (faking of course!!!) and touch all the buttoms!!!

Brother and Twins
Brother and Twins

Then I decided it was time to go for a walk. So I opened the trunk, and prepared my stroller. The only difference today is I left the music on, so the key was in the car.

Maeva still driving!
Maeva still driving!

I closed the trunk and took Miya first. I put her jacket on and I closed the door to be sure that Maeva doesn’t fall. And at this point everything happened… Maeva pushed the close button and locked herself in the car… in half a second it wasn’t the same anymore … my key was in the car and I wasn’t able to open the doors… I can tell you I panicked. And when I panic I am crying! First thing is I called Andrew and he told me to call a cab. I call the cab, explain the situation in tears and after I spent 5 minutes to explain my case the guy said I’m sorry we can’t help you. We do not open cars…. I have to call a tow truck…. A tow truck… oh nooooo…..

Anyway I call the tow truck still in tears and even more in panic… the lady was very nice and said it happened to her Mom once and everything will be okay… Ya Ya everything will be okay… she also said the guy will be there in 15 minutes… What I have to wait 15 minutes… I was in tears…. I really felt I was a bad mom…

Maeva and Miya
Maeva and Miya in the car

In the meantime, Maeva was having fun!! She was driving the car, touching all the buttons and the radio! Thank goodness she didn’t turn up the volume of the music!! Then she came to my windows and she kissed the windows, laughed… She touched the open button again but not enough to open… I was like push the button, and I repeated maybe 100 times… after a while, she started to cry… I guess she could see my face with all these tears…. So I dried them and made her laugh by kissing the window too!!! What we will do to make them smile!


what can I touch?
what can I touch?

I was still trying to explain to her how to open the door…. I was worried because she could fall down from standing on the seat… and suddenly, she took the open door and pull near her!! I screamed Ya Ya do it more more, more good girl and suddenly the door opened!!
Oh what a relief… I took her and I hugged her like crazy!!!

Of course, it wasn’t really over! She pood and had a big leak and guess what I didn’t have change!!!! Ya that is not good!!

Lucky me I was near a kid shop so we went shopping and got a good deal on some nice clothes!!!

That is the craziness of having twins….

So lesson number 1: never leave the key in the car when you have smart kiddos

Lesson number 2: never close your trunk of your van until you are leaving ( just in case you forgot the lesson 1!!)

Lesson number 3: always have a change of clothes in the car!!! My problem with this lesson is that I have clothes but when I use them I forget to put some back… and the thing is when you have change of clothes, nothing happens… ever….. But the day you don’t have it everything happens at this time!!!!

Lesson number 4: now she can open the door, never leave her alone inside as she could open the door and fall out!!

Voila that was my morning… sorry no pictures of the day!
But I have pictures when they are driving from another day!

Driving with big bro!
Driving with big bro!