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3 day potty training with twins: does it work?

The girls have been interested in the toilet for a while now and after reading the 3 day potty training book, I decided to give it a try! The date was fixed (labour day weekend) and as the weekend began I got a little worried. Will it work? Do I really stay inside for 3 days? I had tons of questions and doubts in my mind but I was dedicated to doing it!

Miya eating

What is 3 days in the life if it is not working? Nothing! So why not to try!!
We had Mateo’s potty already so I decided to buy the same one (blue one) so we had two the same. I didn’t want them to fight to pee on one potty! (They still fight who will be the first on the big toilet as it is the one they want to use now!)

So on Saturday morning (by the way, they turned 22months on this day) the girls woke up early and I had to start the day with them! First thing I did is to put them on big girl undies without pants!
I had to look at them attentively to see what clue they will give me when they want to pee! I can tell you it wasn’t easy! Each time I was looking one of the girls or distracted by something else they were peeing on the floor! But I figured out very fast with Miya as she was telling me by jumping around! Maeva was a little tougher to see!
We told them many times during the 3 days that they have to tell us if they want to pee!
I can tell you we had a lot of accidents! Sometimes, 2 in less than 5 minutes!
I can say it was sometimes frustrating but I was determined to give it a try for the 3 days!

The girls at the library
The girls at the library

I bought 16 undies at Walmart (very cheap but cute!) and I had to do laundry at the middle of the first day!
At the end of the day we had a few victories with Miya but it wasn’t very successful with Maeva!
She was tough because each time I was bringing Miya to potty Maeva was peeing on the floor without telling me! Sometimes she started on potty (which was very cool) but finished on the floor or completely peed next to potty!
In the book it says not to put pull-ups for nap time and bed time but I wasn’t ready to clean the bed for each girls during night (how many time I will have to do it!) so we cheated and put pull-ups! We said its special undies for nap and bedtime! I also avoid to throw them in the garbage in front of them! It’s undies it’s to be wash! Lol!!
Anyway! On the second day Miya had one or two accidents and all victories! I was very excited I can tell you !
Maeva was still 95% on the floor!!

On the third day, I decided that we will go out a little bit around the house and nobody had any accidents (I can say I avoided to give them too much water!)!

a little art!
a little art!

Maeva was doing a little better but she was still doing most of them on the floor!
On Tuesday Mateo went back to school so I had to put a pull-up on the girls for the car. I put undies first and pull-up after!
It was a little tough but they both did well! As soon as we were home I put them in undies again!
For bowel movement it is not there yet! They did in their underwear or on the pull-up! Wednesday I had to go to work so the grandparents came to look after the girls and Andrew dropped Mateo at school and they did well! One accident for Maeva and none for Miya! They even went to poo in the big toilet!! (It doesnt work all the time yet!)
Since then the girls are doing very well. No accidents for both of them (after a week). Even for nap it’s ok. Today we were in the car when they fall asleep and they didn’t pee!
Maeva goes to pee on the public toilet but Miya will not! She holds it like a champ!
Maeva and Miya didn’t have any bowel movement for the last 3 days and I started to get worried they would get constipated and all the implication that go with it but last night they did it on the big toilet! Miya cried when she was doing it! She was scared I can tell. I tried to comfort her as much as I can and did a big dance of accomplishment at the end and she had her smile back! Lol!!
Hopefully it will be ok now!
When we take the car I put a pull up on for the first part of the trip (when I know they are going to sleep – just in case) and when they wake up I take it off. Maeva will go to the public toilet (and will love to stay there for 1/2h!) but Miya will not at all yet! She likes our big toilet! So I brought one of our potty toilets in the car and I put it outside! It’s a little embarrassing but I do what I have to do for my kiddos!!

I can tell you this 3 day potty training is blowing my mind! I would never have believed it would be successful like this!
Even this morning, Miya was almost dry!

So what was the sign that we thought they were ready: they were telling us very often they already peed. Every night before bath they needed to sit on the toilet!
They were still very wet at night but Mateo was wet until he decided he will not put diapers on anymore! So for me it was not a sign that they were not ready!

I think you have also to trust your gut and not to be afraid to give it a try! You have be ready to get frustrated but not to give up! I can tell you I got frustrated many times during these 3 days but I was lucky Andrew was able to replace me and it helped a lot!

So after a week I can say we are successful! The 3 day potty training with twins worked for us! They still have a few accidents but nothing much!
I might have been lucky with mine but you might be lucky with yours!
Also it says in the book that you can miss the shot if you don’t do it when there are some signs!
I will never know but I’m glad I persevered!
I’m still getting frustrated now that they ask me to go to pee even when they don’t do it!!

So if you are planning to do it! Good luck!’

We don't have diapers!
We don’t have diapers!