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Today it is May 16, 2014 and today it is special for me!

I am number 4 in my category of Top Mommy Bloggers! Number 4 at top mommy blogger! I can’t believe it!

Number 4 at Top Mommy Blogger!
Number 4 at Top Mommy Blogger!

I can tell you I am happy!! 

I am starting to have a lot of followers and I would like to thank all of you for your support, comments, likes and shares via Facebook or Twitter! It means so much to me!

I am happy that you are reading my blog and I am happy that you are enjoying reading it!
I’m glad and flatted at the same time!



And you must be voting for me because I’m number 4 at Top Mommy blogger today! Héhé so cool!

So let’s do it together to be number One!

The more you vote the better the chance of being the top!

I'm A Top Twin & Multiple Blogger @ Top Mommy Blogs - Please Click To Give Me A Vote


You can vote everyday and it’s even better!!! I know it’s difficult to do it all the time but maybe each time you come to read my blog or a new post, maybe you can vote at the same time?!!! That might be easier!! To vote all you have to do is click the image “Top Mommy Blog” and then your done for the day!!!!

Thank you again. It really means so much for me!


Oh before I forget, don’t be shy! You can also comment at anytime, add your own experience and if you want to write something I can make a post just for you!

So let me know…