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Appointment at BC Children’s Hospital

Post from Thursady! Today we have an appointment at BC Children’s Hospital. We have to do an ultrasound for the girls due to their breech position at birth! As you know it’s always an expedition for me! It is not easy to get ready with two children by myself! So here we go: it’s 12:37 pm…

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Today it’s Christmas and Santa Claus didn’t forget us at all! So nice to see a tree full of presents! Mateo is so excited and wants to open all the gifts!!! I guess breakfast will have to wait for now!!!!This year we are so blessed by our extended family. We have two new girls…

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Our girls are already one week old!

Already one week since our twin girls were born! Time flies so fast! It’s been one week already since Maeva and Miya were born. They are growing well! Maeva has almost gained back all her weight loss. Miya eats less than her sister but she is slowly gaining  her weight back. They like to pee on daddy…

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