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Merry Christmas everyone!

Today it’s Christmas and Santa Claus didn’t forget us at all! So nice to see a tree full of presents! Mateo is so excited and wants to open all the gifts!!!
I guess breakfast will have to wait for now!!!!This year we are so blessed by our extended family. We have two new girls and it’s awesome! Of course, there are good days and days that  could be better but I will not change anything!
We have three kiddous very healthy and I can’t ask for more for Christmas!Mateo is and was so excited by Christmas and by Santa Claus!To prepare for Christmas he got the Advant calendar and he is been opening it every night to discover which chocolate he will be able to eat!
Every night he also asked me which one we will open the next day and
this boy has a such good memory that he always open the good one!! (It
always amazes me by his memory!)

Voila it’s Christmas! This morning we are going to stay home and enjoy
our presents. We will go to Andrews parents after Mateo’s nap. We will
stay over night!
I’m sure Santa came also in grandpa and grandma’s house!

Christmas with kids is really bringing the spirit of Christmas and bringing
back all memories of my childhood!
When I was very little, we were having a dinner and we were going to
midnight mass. After dinner I would go to sleep and my parents would
wake me up for the mass! (I always found the mass too long but because
I was little and tired!). Santa Claus was always coming during the
mass so after the mass, we will see all presents under the tree. We
always opened our presents on the 25th but very early in the morning!
I remembered I always ask my mom if she put my slippers under the
tree! I always wanted to verify but they never let me in the living

In France, Christmas is a little different than here!
We put our slippers under the tree and Santa puts all the gifts around
the slippers. Every gift comes from Santa! It is Santa from Mommy,
Santa from Daddy… But we do not offer gifts! Everything comes from
Santa! So as everything comes from Santa, we do not have gifts under the tree before Christmas (very different in Canada!).

I remembered the first year I had Christmas at Andrews parents. I did
all present with a mark ” to name of the person from Santa!” Andrew
laughed at me!!
I think it is kind of sad!

Anyway, so to keep a little bit of French culture, I proposed to
Andrew (and I think he regrets he said yes!!) that we keep French
culture in our home and there is mommy and daddy gifts in grandma and

I said I think Andrew regretted it because he loves to see packets
under the tree! He will put everything so that is looks like a lot of presents under the tree!!!
Me I’m too curious, I will know what is in the paper before the
time!!! I kind like empty tree and full on Christmas Day!!!

Again Merry Christmas everyone. I hope Santa brought you a lot of
presents like he did in our house!!!
We all were very spoiled by Santa! We were on the nice list and Santa
really loves us!!
Mateo played with his new toys (20 cars, alphabet puzzle, play doh,
Lego and so on….), ate chocolate and went for his nap on his new
Elmo blanket!!
He opened all his presents, opened his sisters presents and stole mama
chocolate ;))

But he was a very good boy! He really has grown up a lot the last month.
I’m wondering if it’s because he has two baby sisters to take care of!

The girls were good too! They slept almost all day which makes me
worried but no fever and nothing looks wrong and they eat so nothing to
worry about (as says Andrew!)

Now we are at Andrews parents and the tree is full of presents but we will have to wait for tomorrow when all the family is here!!!

Joyeux Noël à tous!