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Post from Thursady!

Today we have an appointment at BC Children’s Hospital. We have to do an ultrasound for the girls due to their breech position at birth!
As you know it’s always an expedition for me! It is not easy to get ready with two children by myself!
So here we go: it’s 12:37 pm and I have an appointment at 1:45pm… I’m having lunch and suddenly I’m getting stressed… I have to breastfeed Maeva before we go…. Ok, keep cool mama!!
I’m looking at the road I have to take and how long it will take me! Ok, so 15 min max to go there and lets say 10 min to park and pay (remember I have to open a double stroller with car seat adaptors!) So I have to leave my garage at 1:15pm … 15 min to put them in car seat and install them in a car and put my stroller in the trunk! So I have to leave the house by 1pm… what in 20 min! ouh la la!

Ok I finish my lunch in 2 seconds and I take both girls to breastfeed! I don’t want to hear them screaming because they are hungry during the ultrasound! I am in luck in 10-15 min it is done!

Just on time! I am in my super van at 1:15pm!

I am driving on the Cambie St. Bridge and I see that the traffic is intense and they are not moving so I am thinking great, I will be late. So I decided to turn on 2nd ave but I took the last exit and you can’t turn left on 2nd!  Great I am going to be very late! I turned on the first road on the right to park and take back the 2nd avenue! Great I can’t turn left just right!!!! lol I actually laughed at myself! What are the odds you can’t turn twice on the left!!! Ok… you see already how I know the road!! Remember, I didn’t have car before so I know how to go by public transportation but not by car! So I was finally able to turn on the good way on 2nd ave!

Here we go, I am at BC Children’s Hospital! I parked and my stall is 196 (I know you are happy to know it!) but I have to remember it to pay the parking!

I have an appointment at 1:45pm… how long is it going to be? Is it like at St Paul Hospital when I was doing the ultrasounds? Ok, lets pay for 3 hours (just in case). With two babies, you can’t really come back to pay for one more hour.

So I am at the registration desk at 1:40pm! Yay I made it!!

It is well organize I think. It was my first time at this Hospital!  I am now with my sleepy girls waiting for my turn! I didn’t wait long! Less than 10 minutes and the technician called us. She started with Maeva. She was very nice and very gentle with Maeva! One hip… 9 pictures and a video, second hip…. 8 pictures, a video done! What it took only 10 minutes for Maeva! okay! It is Miya’s turn now! First hip… 7 pictures, one video; second hip… 8 pictures, a video… done! What it is done! 20 minutes! Whaouu what efficiency! I had to stay in the room 10 minutes while the doctor checks all pics and to make sure everything is done! And I am thinking I am done in less than 1hour and it cost me $10.50 to park because I didn’t know it will be so quick!

So to enjoy my parking spot a little longer I called Andrew to tell him it was done!!

By 3pm I was home and I am writing the post! You are going to ask me where are the girls! They are sleeping in their car seat in the stroller! When they sleep in the car seat I never wake them up! Some moms will tell me “But it is not good for them”! I know that very well but it is the only way I can relax a little bit for myself!!! And I can do some stuff at home! Otherwise, I am with the girls and it is very difficult to do stuff! For the post, generally I write them on my note app on my iPhone during night feeds and I transfer them when I have time! So there are some posts that should have be posted 1 or 2 weeks ago! But it takes time which I don’t have!! So… yes I leave them in the car seat!!! 🙂

I was stressed but it was better than my family doctor appointment! And I was able to drive my super van which I don’t do very often!

Maeva and Miya looking outside
Maeva and Miya looking outside