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This morning I received an email saying that I have been nominated by one of my peers as a Top Multiples Parenting Blog (scheduled to be published tomorrow, 6/25/14 at 5:00 am PST), one of our staff members stumbled on your awesome blog, and I was personally selected by our panel of judges.

Please vote for me! I am #12 now and it will be cool to be on the Top 10! If you’ve been in any of our Top Blog Categories (which I am not!!)

Apparently, the Top 10 spots will earn me better recognition. PLUS, starting this year, the first place winner will automatically be entered into our Top Mom (or Dad) Blog category which is going to be the biggest category yet.

It receives the most hits throughout the year and the Top 10 winners from that category will win some really amazing prizes (just in time for Winter Holidays). I will love to win a prize for winter… Vote for me!

So please vote vote vote for me! tell your friend to vote for me!

So I need get a few votes in!!!

Thank you for your recognition and your support!!