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“I fell down in the big room”


Whenever my son has a bruise or a bump and we ask him what happened, he always says the same thing.


“I fell down in the big room”


The ‘big room’ is a large room at daycare where the 3yr – 5yr olds play. Mateo was still in the Toddler section of daycare but in the afternoons spent some time in the ‘big room’.

He will say that he fell down in the big room even if the ‘ouie’ didn’t happen in the big room.

I’m not sure why?

Maybe because after the third time we laughed out loud and now he keeps saying it to make us laugh, which we do…. Every time.


But I’m not sure that is why he says it. We know for sure that some of those ‘ouies’ happened when he fell down in the playground or at home. But his answer is always ‘I fell down in the big room’.


When Mateo first started playing with the bigger kids in the big room it was a little intimidating. He liked to go there because his best friend moved there and he missed him. But it was challenging for him to play with the bigger kids.


When Mateo challenges himself by running faster or trying to climb the rocks at the playground he sometimes falls down. He is pushing himself and expanding his boundaries.

For him everything new that he tries is another ‘big room’ and so his war wounds are always referred to as  falling down in the big room.


With Twins and Toddler life can be tough. Sleep deprivation (more mommy than daddy) and diaper changing and baths and food preparation and cleaning and story time and breast feeding (for mommy) and one baby is crying, now the other, and now another is whining and so on and so on. Over and over. Day in and day out.

It is tough but it is a also a lot of fun. We are pushing our limits and expanding our boundaries.

After a particularly tough day, Valerie said I looked sick and exhausted. I looked at her and said…

“I fell down in the big room”.

Oh oh!
Oh oh!