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Happy Easter everyone!

Easter Hunt beginning (Empty Bucket)
Easter Hunt beginning (Empty Bucket)

I hope the Easter Bunny came to your home. He came to our home and I can tell you he didn’t forget us and remembered we have 5 in the house! We got enough chocolate for a year!!!

Mateo woke up early this morning (as he usually does!) so I had to get up too when I heard him screaming of excitement that Easter bunny came!
Actually he came to my room calling me to wake up and to come!!

I think it’s so cute to watch the reaction of kids when there is a surprise! He was jumping with a huge smile on his face!! It was also funny to look at him hunting for the chocolate!!

It’s magical!

Mateo the bunny Hunter
Mateo the bunny Hunter

I can tell you I like to prepare it too! I like to hide the eggs knowing that Mateo is going to look for them! And help him by saying you are too cold, very hot…

Ya so cool! I like it!!!
Ok now that he has all his chocolate on his bucket, we are going to tell him he can’t eat them all!! That might be difficult to understand for a three year old! Try to explain that if he eats too much chocolate he will have a stomach ache… His answer will be “why?”!!! I think this morning we are going to have a chocolate breakfast!!

oh oh for mommy!
oh oh for mommy!

Yummy yummy!!!

No I was kidding, we had pancakes with eggs for breakfast but Mateo was still very excited by his bucket full of chocolate! We told him that it is for all of us! Surprisingly, he seems ok with that!

Earlier in the week, I registered Mateo for an Easter egg hunt at Choices, a local supermarket. So at 11am we went there!
We were very surprised because It was super fun! Mateo had to go through the isle to hunt for the plastic
eggs! Behind the juice, with the chocolate bars… the he’d them everywhere. It was cool! A lot of kids were there but he got a lot of eggs! He was happy (no pictures as it was too busy!)
Before to leave we had to empty all plastic eggs and inside we found chocolate eggs and a paper saying to go to customer service to pick up a prize!
Mateo won a prize! We were not expecting that! He got a magic color book with some magic pens!
Cool stuff! Very fun!

Next year we will have three hunters!! I hope we will have a yard that Easter bunny could hide them outside!
Anyway, it was a good Easter Sunday morning!

I hope everybody got the chance to do something for Easter.


Happy Easter!

Full bucket.... Yum yum for our tummy!
Full bucket…. Yum yum for our tummy!