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I want to do it! I did it!

Mateo is at the age that he wants to do everything by himself!
When I say everything I mean everything! I wish he could do everything! I will sit on the sofa and he will prepare the breakfast, clean the house, do laundry …. Everything he wants to do!!!!

I want to do it!
I want to do it!

So it starts in the morning! He wants to prepare the breakfast with his Dad and clean the dishes at the same time! For cleaning the dishes I meant cleaning his fork, spoon and knife that Santa Claus brought him for Christmas!
The cleaning process is a little messy! Water everywhere on the floor and at the end I hear “help help mommy!”
This morning he is preparing pancake with Daddy and he wants to do everything by himself and if his dad does something I can hear “I want to do it!!!” Over and over.  At the end he said “it’s ready, I did it!”
The part I like is after breakfast he wants to put everything in the dishwasher!  I let him do it even though I know I will have to go behind him after but at least everything is in the kitchen!!
Clothes time! Mateo is at the age that he wants to choose his own clothes and to put them on by himself! The problem of choosing the clothes is that I will find all clean folded clothes on the floor!! So I don’t like it!! Already I don’t like to fold so I don’t want to do it again!
But he does put his cloth on! That is cute and I’m very proud!! Ok, instead of 2 minutes to put them on if I was doing it, he needs 10 min! But it’s cool! Soon, I will not need to be in his room! He started to also put his shoes on!  Rain boots are very easy but shoes are more difficult! He sits on his chair and does his best! If I want to help him he pushes my hands away and says, “I want to do it!!”At the end he says with a big smile, “I did it!”
At night during story time, I said “Ok, Mateo wants to read his book by himself because he wants to do it”
But this time he said “No, mommy does it!” Lol!!

Mateo at supermarket
I want to do grocery!