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Today Mateo went for his first school field trip. He went to the Richmond Pumpkin Patch. I couldn’t go with him because with two babies, it wouldn’t have been possible to walk in the field with all the mud from the rain. There were only three kids without parents.

Mateo and his bus!
Mateo and his bus!

The teacher put two kids to be watched by two other Moms and she kept Mateo with her. The weather worked out as it didn’t rain at all! They were lucky because under the rain it wouldn’t have been very cool!

When I left him, he was awesome! He gave me a huge hug and he didn’t cry. He was a good boy, a really good boy. I realized that he has grow up so much and I was wondering where was my baby boy! My baby boy became a big boy!

I can tell you when I took the car, I had a thought that it was the last time I would see him! Ya, I know it is creepy but I felt guilty not going and it was the first time he did something without us (Andrew, the family or me).

Mateo in the car! look closely and you will see his head!
Mateo in the car! look closely and you will see his head!

But I came back to reality and said to myself “pff Val, you are too sensitive, nothing can happen to your boy, he is in good hands!”.

At 12:30pm, as I was waiting for the bus I got worried again… ya I know I worry too much but wait because I didn’t get worried for nothing…

So when he came back, he ran to me and gave me giant hug and lots of kisses. Yayyy he is here and I can tell you I loved his huge hugs and kisses 🙂

Then he started to tell me that he went on a orange tractor, ate an apple from the farm, saw a cow and a horse (I am not sure there are any there) and that he chose a big pumpkin to bring back home!

I said wow that is so cool!

Before going on the bus!
Before going on the bus!

After that I was waiting for Caroline, the teacher to see how it was and she said “Everything was good but I have to tell you because I’ve got very worried for 10 minutes because Mateo disappeared. He went to the entrance and it is the lady from the entrance that brought him back to her” I am like WHAT? She started to explain that everybody was sitting on bales of straw eating a snack and as she brought some donuts, she was giving them to the parents and when she turned back, he wasn’t there anymore…

She was very surprised and asked me if he did that before and I said never. He always stayed near us, never walked away like that… crazy… It is not Mateo at all. I can tell you she was smiling but she had a big fear of the day… loosing a kid.

So here is what I think happened:

I think she started to give her donuts to parents and Mateo was sitting with a lot of people he didn’t know at all and suddenly he didn’t see her. (She might have be near but just behind one of the parents that he didn’t see) So he walked to the entrance looking for her. I think he got worried over there too. These big huge hugs and kisses I’ve got were not for nothing… I mean that they were really meaning I am so, soooo happy to see you, maman! Mateo hugs me and kisses me a lot but not so intense like that…

So I can tell you I am happy he is here and I am happy that everything finished well but please as a lesson look after your kids or your kids friends because it can happen too anybody and this wonderful trip could have be a nightmare trip…

I will remember Mateo and his first school field trip and I am not sure for the next trip I will let him go alone…