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Mateo and Emergency

This morning after Sportball we went to the Buzz coffee shop for a coffee (for Andrew), a lemon loaf (for Mateo) and for an orange juice (for me)!
We were having fun and we were chatting and laughing together!
Suddenly, I took Mateo’s arm and I heard “click”. Mateo started to say ouie ouie and he couldn’t move his left wrist. Oh oh… he doesn’t really cry with big tears but we can see he has pain.
He put his hand against his body and doesn’t move it. He cries loudly if we try to touch it or move it.
We applied ice, some arnica cream and we waited. Still pain. He became really slow without moving a lot… We put a bandage on because normally after a bandage everything is resolved… But not this time… He still has pain! It seems like it is getting worse as the day goes on.
We decided to wait until after nap time to see how he feels.
We have lunch and then nap. After an hour of napping, Mateo woke up by crying and still seems in lot of pain. I’m starting to get really worried actually because his face shows a lot of pain, and he is not acting normal. He stays in bed and normally he is running everywhere. When he walks his arm is held tightly to his body protecting his wrist. He didn’t use his left arm at all.
So we decided to go to the doctor. We called the doctors office and of course there is a one hour wait.. ok we stay home and we go in one hour…
In the mean time I authorized him to watch some “Tchoupi” (Short French cartoons)!!
So after 1/2h, we get ready, put his shoes on but he doesn’t want his jacket because it’s too painful to put it on.
Andrew takes him in his arms and I put one of my jackets around him.
We are finally speaking to the doctor. We explained to him what happened and he started to ask Mateo to try to move his wrist. He won’t move it and cries when the doctor tries to move it. The doctor tried another way and offered him something he would have to take with his left arm… No he doesn’t want and said it’s too “ouie”…
The doctor looked at us and said we should go to emergency because it doesn’t feel right. He can see it too. He said we need to do a x-ray but because it is Sunday,  the quickest will be at emergency.
Ok, so we go direct to emergency! Of course I forget his MSP card so I have to go home and I said to Andrew go there and I will take a cab.
I paid my cab and my boys are waiting in front of emergency… Mateo is a little excited by all the ambulances in front! There were 5 or 6!
We go inside and register him. It’s busy inside. The wait is going to be long. But they said with kids it will be quicker.
When I went home I took some cookies and his water. So I offer Mateo some water first and he drinks it with his right hand. We asked him to take with both hands but he said no…

What happened next… left us both dumbfounded. Maybe it was because Mateo was looking around at all the strange people in the emergency room. Some of them injured badly and some very sick. Some were drunk and some were scary looking. Andrew told Mateo he had to go in there for the doctor to look at his wrist and Andrew saw that he didn’t really like that.
Mateo continued drinking his water with his right hand as he watched the people in emergency. I took the cookies out and asked him if he wants some cookies and he took one with his left hand… Left hand? What? He takes the cookie on his left hand! The hand he couldn’t move! Not only did he take the cookie with his left hand but he took it easily. He didn’t even flinch! He ate the cookie as we stared at him in awe. Then he grabbed the water bottle with BOTH hands and washed the cookie down with a big mouthful of water! He put the bottle down on Andrews arm, smiled and reached his left hand out for another cookie… Huh???
Andrew asked him how his Ouie is and he said I don’t have Ouie anymore…
We looked at each other and started to laugh… What you don’t have Ouie now? But 5 minutes ago you were still complaining!
So we insisted and started to touch it, turned his wrist this way and that and no complaints… Ok, ok what’s going on…
Mateo is cured and we didn’t even see the doctor yet…
We were kind of surprised about his new attitude and we could see the real him was back!
So what do we do? Do we wait because we are here or do we go home?
We decided to cancel and to go home!
On the way home, Mateo is laughing and laughing and speaking about ambulances and cookies… We stop at the grocery store and he pushed the mini grocery cart around the whole store and had no problem grabbing cheese, yogurt and avocados into the cart. He even attempted to lift a watermelon…
Voila, a little boy who made his mommy very worried (I was so afraid I broke his wrist!) and worried at the same time that I’m going to be in labour and I will have to leave him like this…
All these worries for nothing
Look at his face does he look in pain?! Grrrr kids… They will drive us nuts… Thinking we are going to have two more very soon… How is it going to be?

Does Mateo look on pain?
Does Mateo look on pain?