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Mateo is three years old

Mateo in the morning
Mateo in the morning

Time flies so fast! It has been 3 years already since I gave birth in my bath! I feel like it was yesterday! (here is my birth story)
I really liked all the stages but it’s even more fun now that he is 3 because I can say Mateo is not a baby anymore! ( he is a little man! )

He will say “I’m a big boy, now”!

Ya it’s true he is a big boy who want to do everything by himself! He has his own opinion too and it’s sometimes funny! Last Monday I was with him and the girls all day and we were outside walking and looking at the cars on the street.
He was telling me which one he likes and dislikes and which one he wants to buy!!! I can guarantee you my boy has to be very rich because he wants to buy a lot of cars! He also wants to buy a car for Papa!!!

That was so funny! I had a really a good moment with my boy!

Mateo speaks a lot now. We still don’t understand everything but we can figure it out! He also mixes English and French together. But I can still communicate with him and that it’s awesome!

Mateo is a cool little boy. He never did have  a lot of tantrums. The only time it was a little tough for him (and us) was when the girls were born. It was 6 weeks that was a little hard for his adjustment. But if we think about, it wasn’t only one baby coming home but two… !!! Also with our sleep deprivation we might have been a little hard on him… I think. We wanted him to be bigger than he was. Poor little boy. But we all adjusted and my little boy was back to normal quickly. I still think we prepared Mateo pretty well for their arrival! He really loves his sisters. He will go to see them every morning before giving a kiss to Mommy or Daddy! It’s like my sisters first and you after! Ha ha ha!!

Morning hugs and kisses to my sisters
Morning hugs and kisses to my sisters

When I come to pick him up at daycare with the girls, he is so proud to show them to everyone!
The girls get a lot of hugs and kisses from this little boy! Lucky them!

When Grandpa says is going to keep one! Mateo always answers “nooooo it’s my babies, you can’t keep them!”
It’s so funny!! I hope it will be like this all the time!! It’s very cute to watch.

Mateo is a person who needs some time around people. He doesn’t go to people very easily. He needs to analyze and be sure the person is ok. It’s ok for me but when it’s time to say good morning or hi or thank you to somebody, it’s a little more challenging! I guarantee you he is a polite boy but he is kind shy for now. Some kids at this age are like that! It will change, I’m sure!!

Mateo has been going to daycare since he was one. I was very sad to leave him and it was tough for me but now I’m so happy he is over there. Oh I will love he stays with me but he will get bored with me very quickly!! He has fun and does so much variety of things everyday. At home, it would be more limited especially with the girls.

Mateo loves puzzles. He still needs some help but he figures out very fast and does it well.  He concentrates hard when he does something. He makes me laugh sometimes when he is playing by himself. He will invent something and do a story with it. It’s so cute to watch him. He has a lot of imagination!!

I can go on and on, over and over about him. I love my boy so much and I’m happy how is growing up.

My little boy is really an awesome boy and I’m a very proud mommy!
I’m lucky to have him. I love you little man!

Mateo and Spiderman cake
Mateo and Spiderman cake

This weekend we had a party for him and he had a lot of fun! Good time for everybody! We rented the party room in our building and I prepared some cookies, pizza, chocolate brownies, Spiderman cake… My mother in law brought her famous and big shrimp surprise! And for the healthy part we had veggies and fruits!

This year, everybody ate a lot! We had some left over but not so much!!!

Spiderman cake was a great success! When I was cutting it, I was very worried because it was very hard to cut!

But finally, it tasted very good!

Mateo and all the gifts...
Mateo and all the gifts…


We did some birthday games and all the kids got some prizes for participating! It was fun to watch them! They are still a little small so they don’t really understand everything but they had fun for sure!

I really think everybody had a good time. I had a good time! My girls were very good too! No cries at all. I am sure I have some party girls!