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Happy Canada Day to every Canadian! It is my first one as a Canadian! Yayyyy!!!!

I hope you had a good Happy Canada Day (if you live in Canada of course!). For people who don’t live in Canada, Canada Day is the national day of Canada, a federal statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary Canada’s Confederation on July 1, 1867.

So this morning, we all put on our Canada T-Shirts and some tattoos!

Canada Day
Family with our super tshirt!                                                   Pink for girls and white for boys!

Mateo was super excited and he loves having tattoos! Then we tried to take a family picture with all our t-shirts! The purpose was to have everyone in a clean t-shirt before something happens after a feed or lunch! With three kids, we never know what is going to happen! Finally, at the end of the day, surprisingly they were still okay!

After the girls first nap, we left the house at around 9:45am and decided to go to Granville Island by boat. It is cool to take the boat and we were thinking it will be easier than to take the van with the traffic!

It was the first time the girls took the boat! They were looking everywhere!

Happy Canada Day
Everybody is curious!

It was very cute to watch! Mateo likes to take the boat a lot! He loves looking out the window and describes everything he sees! He wants to do Stand Up Paddle Surfing! Okay okay but first you have to learn how to swim! A nice lady took a pic of all of us! We rarely have all of us in the pic! And in half a day, we have two! Cool!!!!

A lot of festivity on Granville Island. Especially for kids. We had a lot of fun. Mateo and the girls were awesome! Nobody cried and everybody was happy!


I had to feed the girls at some point so we went to a coffee shop to have a little bit of quiet space! I don’t really mind to

Happy Canada day
feeding time!

feed the girls (one by one) outside but they are so curious right now that they unlatch a lot and I don’t really want to show my nipple to everybody!

I can’t put a cover! They hate it and it is way too hot too!! Anyway, Andrew had a nice icy mocha (it was like an ice cream!) and Mateo enjoyed reading some books!


It was a fun family day! Tonight there will be fireworks but we will be at home! Our three kidous are sleeping deeply (I hope very deeply for the girls!!) and I will go very soon too!

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