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Picnic at the beach

Last night we decided to go for a picnic at kits beach for lunch! Cool idea you will say! Ya it is a cool idea!

But it takes organization with three children! We need jackets for the girls (we forgot!), we need crocs for Mateo to be able to go in the water (we forgot) or something to play in the sand with (we forgot!)… Ya we forgot a lot of stuff and it is not finished but it will come later… a little suspense is a little cool!! We did have the sun screen!!!

The girls at the beach
The girls at the beach

So we started as every Sunday with pancakes and then Mateo goes to Sportball with Daddy.

During this time, I prepared a big salad (with tomatoes, rice, cucumber, lettuce, avocado and basil) and sandwiches with ham and cheese and for desert some grapes! I was like yum yum we are going to have a great lunch today!

I also prepared the girls and went to our storage locker to take the beach umbrella and our cooler. I put everything in the cooler! 10:15am… not bad ok ok I forgot everything I mentioned above but I even didn’t think of them until we were at the beach so no big deal! (we learn slowly what we need for the next time or for our big trip to Penticton this summer!)

Before we went to the beach, I wanted to have to do something just with my boy. I think he needs some time with only mommy sometimes! So we took the little boat to grandville island!

A little chat between sisters!
A little chat between sisters!

I can tell you Mateo was happy! He was funny because he chose the boat! He didn’t want to take the first one… we had to wait for the third one! lol!! Kids are funny sometimes but it was his time, so we took the boat he wanted!

Papa picked us up at Granville Island and we went to the beach!

I forgot that being at the beach with kids is equal to sand everywhere!!!

Andrew and Mateo went to the water and I stayed with the girls and we switched after! So I am in the water with Mateo (just the feet!) and I am telling Mateo that we should go back to have our lunch! Mateo got excited about the sandwich he is going to have! But even though he is excited, he will prefer to stay near the water!!

Having fun!
Having fun!

Anyway, we went back and everybody sat down, it is time for our lunch!

I open the cooler, take out the salad but where are the sandwiches? I forgot the sandwiches… Oh no we don’t have sandwiches… Mateo doesn’t really like the salad. I understand it is not easy for a three year old to eat a salad in a plate on the sand!

Ok keep calm and let’s go to buy a sandwich. I go over the boathouse but there are no sandwiches, just burgers. I am not a burger woman but ok, let’s take two. one for Andrew (he will be happy!) and one for Mateo and I.

Mateo is going swimming!!
Mateo is going swimming!!

I came back to the beach with my burgers! I give Mateo half of the burger and he removed the salad and the tomatoes (great the healthiest part!). So he has now just the bun with the meat and the cheese. He started to eat and suddenly he took out the meat and say I don’t want that… I don’t like it! But Mateo, it is the meat with the cheese… “I don’t want it”.

Lol… great. Now Mateo has just the bun! Ok ok Mateo has also a French palate and he doesn’t like burger!

 Ok in one way it is cool! But in another way what is he going to eat? just the desert… the grapes!!!

The principal is that Mateo had fun and he didn’t want to leave!!! And Andrew really enjoyed his burger and fries in the sun too!!!!

Mama with all her kiddous!!
Mama with all her kiddies!! (in a glass it is water… just wanted to mention!!!)

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