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I can tell you that a lot if things changed in less than a week… What a week !!!

A lot of decisions were made. These decisions were not easy for me to make and I still don’t know if I made the right decision. We will see… But I think we didn’t really have a choice for now… my maternity leave is finishing at the end of August ;(

First we found a house and we are moving September 1st! Yayyy! That is the happy news!! It’s way bigger that we have now! We will have 3BR (finally the girls will have their own bedroom!), a big terrace to eat and play… a new page is turning.
Everything is not perfect because it is not the location I wanted but the house is very clean and it will not cost us more than what we pay today! So it’s kind of a relief!!!

Now it’s time to clean and pack!

We are happy but we are leaving the apartment where Mateo was born. It’s very emotional for me because my boy was born in this bath and we will never see it again!! I will be not able to show him when he will be bigger! Just pictures… But we can’t stay there so we did the right thing to move on!

Second and this decision was tough to make. I’m going to be a stay at home mom for a little while. The girls got a space at daycare but we can’t afford it. Daycare will cost us $3500 per month and my actual salary is not even that… I will have to change my job and we still don’t know if I will make way more than that. I recently earned my CMA (now CPA) designation so there may be some good opportunities but it will take time.

So I don’t want to take a risk. Oh I’m still looking for a job (just in case you know of any accounting job!).
Did I make the right decision? I don’t know. I never saw myself as a home mom. I always said that I need to work. I’m an active woman and I know it’s not going to be easy for for me now . But I also know that I have to take care of my 3 beautiful children that I love so much and I don’t want to struggle with money.

Oh it’s going to be difficult with one salary but it will be less stressful and less  expensive than to pay $3500 a month.
I’m kind of sad because I really, really like Mateo’s daycare. He’s grown so much with them that I’m not sure I will be able to do the same. And I’m sure the girls would have grown the same way.
On other hand, I’m happy because Mateo will go to preschool in the morning so he will still see some kids of his age and it is a French preschool and it is important that he continues to learn French.
Of course, nothing is definitively final. If I find a good job, we will review this decision. The only thing is that I will not have this daycare anymore. The wait list is way too long to get back!!!

Voila the news… what a week and we even didn’t finish it yet!


Bye Bye Yaletown
Bye Bye! (Maeva left and Miya right!)