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Today it was time for the anesthesiologist appointmentanesthesiologist
So we started the day as a usual morning but today instead of Andrew dropping off Mateo at daycare I went. Mateo asked for it and I had time before the appointment!
Mateo wanted to give me a big hug when I was going to leave but his hands were full of paint! So we did a funny hug without hands!!!!
After that, I took the bus to BC Women’s Hospital! It’s kind of quick, only 20 minutes!! Plus 5 minutes walking for the main entrance!
Whaouu it’s the first time I was going to BC Women’s Hospital! There were a lot of woman like me with a big belly! But between us, I really think I’m the biggest! Not that size matters or anything 😉
So I’m waiting in the line for the desk registration! She asked for my id and my BC medical care card!
And a new blue card is printing!  She sent me to show this blue card at desk 1. Everything is very fast! And they sent me to sit and wait! It’s 9:05 and normally my appointment is at 9:30am! So I have a lot of time!! Lot of time to go pee!! lol! ya everywhere I go, I have to stop at the washroom minimum once to twice!
They finally called me… It’s my turn!
There are two doctors for me! Hmmm there are two for which reason?!!! Trying to be more powerful and change my position about taking drugs? What did my OB told them?
As you might have read already, I do not wish pain relief medications! I know some of you are going to think I am crazy! I also know as I am expecting twins, it is a little different so this appointment is important for me. What is making me more worried and potentially wanting this pain medication is if they need to move baby B from inside after baby A is delivered. The OB might need to move baby B in another position and that might be extremely painful! So for me, pain medication might be principally used just for this reason and also if I need a c-section in case of an emergency!! Of course, I might change my mind during labour too!  I am afraid of all these painkillers. But I am also more afraid of a c-section and being put completely asleep.

I want more information about different alternatives and to be able to change my birth plan if I feel it is necessary.

So they started to read my birth plan…
And we spoke about it! I will post by birth plan online as soon as possible.

So we started to speak about epidurals and how they work.  I  agreed to place it on my back but I do not want drugs until I ask for it.

And here is my surprise: They need to test it to be sure it’s working properly!  I’m like, “What?! What does it mean to test it?” It means that they need to put a small amount of drugs on it, and look if my legs freeze and if everything is ok, they can cap it  until my request! But if it is not working, they have to try a new one. And at the same time I need an IV in case my blood pressure drops! Great… all the stuff I don’t want!!
And in the mean time, I can’t move for at least 30 minutes… Grrrr I want to be free!

So what do I do? Do I do this test at the beginning when I arrive or do I wait until I’m in active labour?!
I know you must read this and think this girl is crazy! I’m scared but what can I say! I’m scared of drugs, I’m scared of if something goes wrong, the risk for my babies or me, and I’m scared of side effects!

So here is what possible effects can happen. I do not invent them, they are in my book I’ve got from my prenatal class for Mateo:

Possible effect for mom:

  • low blood pressure (super mine for now is already in the low range!)
  • incomplete coverage: Not all epidurals work perfectly, about 10% leaves area on the belly “uncovered”, About 3%-5% need to be replaced at some point in labour.
  • 3% failure rate for epidural.
  • fever (super for relaxing!)
  • Itching if narcotics used
  • Need for urinary catheter
  • Increase in perineal lacerations if forceps used
  • You can get a headache, called “spinal headache”

Possible effect for babies:

  • low blood pressure in mom can cause drop in fetal heart rate
  • Septic workup if mom has fever
  • Some medication can impact early breastfeeding, requiring patience and assistance

Possible effect on labour:

  • IV fuilds and continuous electronic fetal heart rate monitoring required
  • Increased length of labour
  • Increased need for oxytocin augmentation
  • Higher incidence of operative vaginal deliveries (vaccum, forceps)

All of that scares me like crazy! I know it is possible effects and don’t happen all the time but if it happens to me?!

So then we spoke about c-section! They got to see my tears! Oh ya every time, I try to speak about c-section, I cry! Ya some women want it and schedule it and some like me… dont want it at all. And sometimes, some women have to schedule it but don’t want to have one…

I can tell you in advance, I will be not able to schedule it for sure! If I have to get one, it will be a last minute one and only for the health of my babies.

My consultation was about 45-50 minutes instead of 30 minutes as planned! It was good actually.

I have still fears about it but I have more knowledge now and I can think about it and modify my birth plan. I still have to think about what I am going to do. But at least I have all the cards in my hands!

I really encourage you to take an appointment with the anesthesiologist. You will learn a lot and they will give you all options you have.

For me, what I am going to for sure is place it on my back to be ready to go. I do not know yet if I want to be tested right away or if I will wait a little bit later. But I am going to place it. It will be more secure for me to have it in case of an emergency c-section or if I have too much pain that I can not manage the pain by myself. I also don’t want at all to be be exposed to the risk of being completely asleep for a c-section. I want to have my babies as soon as possible after they are born… so if I a going to be asleep, it will be not be possible right away!



Oh by the way, something I learned about c-section for Mom’s in Vancouver BC: In BC Womens Hospital, you can have your baby(ies) skin to skin right away and during recovery but in St Paul Hospital, you will have to wait until your are done with recovery. Why? because the room for recovery in St Pauls is for everybody and not only women who just delivered babies, so they do not want babies in the room.