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Cloud B Sleep Sheep On The Go Travel Sound Machine

I never had a white noise machine with Mateo but I wish I knew about it! I got this one from the baby shower and I am glad my friend Chantal offered it to us!

It is a good sound machine that we use everyday and every night!

The girls seem to sooth with it very well at night and during the day. Sleep Sheep plays 4 soothing nature sounds: Gentle Stream, Spring Showers, Ocean Waves and Whale Sounds.

You simply push the buttons for the sound you desire and adjust the volume to an audible, soothing level. There are 2 sleep timer options – 23 and 45 minutes. We always use 45 minutes and I wish there is an option that keeps the sound longer! At night, 45 minutes it is enough I think but for naps it would be better if it could be longer. Because at nap time sometimes I feel that as soon as the sheep stops, they wake up!

It is a great toy, soft and easy to attach to a crib, stroller or car seat with valcro! Its size is just right! not too big, not too small. We use it only in the crib! We don’t really need it in the car seat.

My girls seems to like the sound. They get relaxed and fall asleep pretty quick! We do not have to rock them like crazy or breastfeed them to make them fall asleep. This sheep does the job for us!

I think a white noise machine is also good to keep noise outside of the room! My boy makes some noise at night, he speaks loudly, sings, plays with his cars… So with this sheep, the girls can’t really hear his noise.

The girls still sleep together in the same crib but as soon as we move, I will definitely buy another one. So each will have her own one.

I really like it and I recommend to every mom who has a child that doesn’t sleep well. I am convinced this sheep will help.

It uses two batteries “AA”. It is efficient because I just replaced them after almost 4 months intense use.

We’ve typically leave it on the ocean sound at medium volume, and that proved to be soothing enough to calm our girls.

Girls and their cloud b sleep sheep
Girls and their cloud b sleep sheep