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I received this Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker with Rechargeable Battery and Enhanced Bass Resonator for review and I can tell you it is small (1/2 the size of a tennis ball) but very good quality!

Mateo and his morning music!
Mateo and his morning music!

When I received it, in this box, it came with the speaker (kinivo ZX100), a small carrying pouch, a USB charging cable, and the user manual. We received a blue one but you can choose between different colors like red, purple, pink, yellow… which I found neat!
Mateo loves listening to music and he has been using my old iPhone 3GS for a while now and I can tell you the sound is really crap!
When I received this speaker I was skeptical because it was small (good looking but small) but I was completely wrong!
The sound of this kinivo zx100 is awesome!
Suddenly I liked listening to music again! I am still surprised by the clarity of the sound.

Everybody loves listening music with the kilino speaker!
Everybody loves listening music with the Kinivo speaker!

We brought it on vacation and that was cool! Not a big thing to carry and the music was right there where we were (outside, kitchen bedroom bathroom…!
This portable speaker can be charged on a USB and it lasts for a while… almost 6 hours of music! Meaning 2 days for us. It’s a very good that we do not need to use a battery. Ok, the only problem is that I had to think to charge it. There is a blue light saying it is still good but it doesn’t tell you when it’s time to charge soon… so sometimes in the morning we would not have nice music because I forgot to charge it! But that it is like everything that you have to charge! I forget so many times to charge the phone too!! So without phone, no music neither!!! Mateo is always disappointed but he is happy to put it on charge and comes regularly to check if it is charged! A 3 years old understands very well the light so when it’s charged I can tell you I know because I can hear my little boy yelling “Maman Maman it’s charged, come, look”
And each time I smile because the look of excitement in his eyes is always funny to watch!! He knows he is going to be able to listen music again!!

So happy to listen music!
So happy to listen music!

So the little speaker is very cool. Good sound and small so that it doesn’t take space and we can all enjoy nice music! It is extremely easy to use. My 3 years old figured out how to turn it on (not off as he always wants music lol!!).

My only concern is that its included 3-inch cable is a little short so when my son carries the phone, he often forgets to carry the speaker so it’s just hanging in the air! I wish it was Bluetooth so that we will not have this problem! Ok… after all it is not a toy for a 3 years old!

I am glad I was able review this speaker! I’m not a technical person so if you want to know more click here!

It’s an inexpensive device that can be buy for a gift and I can tell you, you will make a happy person with this kinivo zx100.