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Multi Purpose Stroller Hooks

I received two stroller hooks from Babybudz and I really like them. Sometimes it is difficult to go shopping with three kids. This product makes it a lot easier. If you haven’t purchased this product for your stroller yet you will want to read this post and I’m sure you will be carrying some bags around town with ease!


With a brother and twins, we never have enough space on the stroller, specially when we go grocery shopping!


So these hooks are very handy. You can have your hands free even when you have a bunch of stuff to carry.


Miya and the Stroller Hooks
Miya and the Stroller Hooks

They are easy to attach to the stroller. It uses strong velcro and I am sure it is very secure in place. These hooks also rotate which makes it easy to hang bags from them.


The maximum weight for each hook is 6 pounds. You can use both hooks together for heavier items, but I think I will put the very heavy stuff under the stroller. It will be more stable.


Both hooks are made of heavy plastic but it looks durable and I am sure it will last for a long time.


I think these stroller hooks can be very versatile. With the velcro you can put it anywhere.


You could use them in the car for snack bags. You can attach it on the head rest at the back and you can hang some bags in the trunk of the mini van. It could be handy to take them when your trunk is full!


The only downside with this product is that they only sell it in the USA. So if you are in Canada, you will have to have an address or post office box in the USA. We have one, so it was not a problem for us to receive them!


In conclusion, I think these stroller hooks are a must have accessory for your stroller.


And I’m saving the best for the end, because you are reading my post, babybudz gives you a discount of 40% off.


Yes, you read well!


40% off.


They are already inexpensive so it is even more attractive!


And if you have amazon prime, they ship in 2 days for FREE!


Here is the Coupon Code for Amazon: PQ6MUHDW.


I really think every mom needs a pair and I really recommend them!