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imageNew car: A mini van… A Kia SedonaIt’s been more than 7 years that I own a car! It was before I moved to Canada and I had a small Volkswagen. I really liked it.
Since that I almost never drove! I even had to take the driven license exam in Canada. My driven license from France was only valid for the first 6 months…
With Andrew, we were using modo the car co-op. It was great until now. We only had to take one car seat so it works… It was a little constraint because of the time (you rent by hours and number of kilometers!) and could be expensive.
An idea, to go to Blaine USA, it cost us around $90 round trip… (It includes insurance and gas).Now with 3 children, three car seats it was becoming unmanageable! It take too much time to put three car seat and it was limited as we needed a van each time!We definitely needed a car… Our budget was limited and I didn’t want to buy a new one as I didn’t want to have a monthly payment…
My dad also realized that we needed a car so he helped us as a gift for the new arrivals! Cool gift isn’t it?

imageSo we found this grey blue mini van… It’s a Kia Sedona 2007 with all options! Like when I say all options, it’s all options!! I still can’t believe it! I never had a car in my life with leather seat (very good when you have a sick kid!!), heat on the seat, DVD, doors and trunk open automatic by themselves! I even don’t know yet everything on this car!
I really like it! I really like to drive it too which surprise Andrew because I never wanted to drive before! I still think he will be driving most of the time but I will be able to drive it occasionally!

Saturday morning, I said to Andrew that I need to drive but he needs to be with me! (It was the first time I was driving a mini van and longtime I didn’t drive!) so all the family went! (We can’t leave the kids at home!!!). Right away I loved it!
At night, we went to the vandusen botanical garden for the Festival of Lights! It’s been 7 years I’m in Vancouver and it was the first time I went there! It was wonderful!!
So cool to have a car!! Specially when we had two hungry baby that I had to feed in the car!

Mateo is so excited that we have a mini van! He seat on the third row and he loves it and wants to go all the time!!

So Sunday morning, he came with me at Costco! (He also love to go to Costco! Don’t ask me why I have no idea!!)
He was so excited (for Costco and the car!) and I was so exited (only for the car!!) It’s not far but so cool to be able to go fast! The trunk was big enough for my $300 bill! Ya you read well $300.. It was more than usually but I bought some chocolate and few stuffs for Christmas and a lot of cheese (Andrew can’t believe I bought so much cheese!)

Voila we own a mini van and I’m so happy about! When I think about, we will be able to go more on the mountain, more at the Vancouver aquarium, more everywhere without the constraint of time and kilometers! And we will be able to go fast!