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Teething oil for babies from Bug & Pickle

I got this for Mateo and I used it only a little bit! Lucky for me he didn’t have too much crying from teething… He actually never really complained!
But he was drooling a lot so I figured out he was teething! And then the teeth started to appear. The first two bottom teeth appeared at 5 months old.

So for the girls here we go again with the teething at 4 months old. I started to use the teething oil from Bug & Pickle 2 weeks ago when I believed the two bottom teeth were coming (just lighter color and kind of form 2 teeth). We can see something under the gum but nothing else.

For Miya it’s a different story (click here to read it) Anyway, this teething oil works very well for them.
Why do I like it?
I like it because it uses 100% natural ingredients (essential oil of roman chamomile) and no preservatives and no synthetic fragrances.

I also like it because each time I apply it I feel that the effect is instant! They calm down immediately! And smile back very fast!!!
I’m always amazed by how quickly it relieves my girls’ pain!

How do I use it?
I put some drops on my finger and I rub my girls gums. Apparently I could keep it in the fridge to increase the cooling and soothing effects but I never tried that yet. I will for sure!!

I use this brand a lot and my only complaint is that it’s not 100% organic!


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