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3 months old already… Time flies very fast!

Maeva and Miya
Maeva and Miya

They are officially not newborns anymore! They got a diploma and went to the next level: infant!!!

Lol! Big deal, hey?!
Ya big deal because it’s starting to be a little more fun now!

When they look at Andrew, Mateo or me, they smile like crazy! They are so cute! Their smiles melt my heart!

I’m still breastfeeding like crazy (every 2 hours day and night!). The only break is from 6:30-7pm to 11pm-12am! They take a long sleep but after that it’s back to every 2 hours and sometimes every hour until 6am!!! If I fall asleep with one on me when she is feeding she will sleep on me without complaining! But as soon as I put her in her bed, she will be not happy! She will prefer to sleep on mommy!! Mateo was like this for a long time! But with two it is more difficult to do it! So sometimes daddy takes one and we are all in the bed and we can have a good sleep (2:30-3hours!!).
The new thing is Miya likes to sleep on her left side and Maeva still on her back with her hands up!

Watching outside!
Watching outside!

Otherwise, they are becoming more aware every day. I’m able to put them on the floor and they will kick their legs like crazy! Funny to watch! And they look happy! We do tummy time but I think I don’t do it enough!!
Miya and Maeva can move until they are perpendicular from where they were originally! Just with their legs! Interesting!!

When we  hold the girls upright, their heads are very strong now,  even though they still have difficulty to their heads high during tummy time! If I put the pillow under them, it works better!!! But I really can say it’s getting better!

They also do more eye contact and if they hear my voice but don’t see me, they will turn their head in my direction! Too cute!
And they started to communicate by cooing and saying ahh!!

They still don’t grab Sophie la giraffe but they know how to put their hands and fingers in their mouth!! So it’s a beginning!

Am I still tired? Yes… from lack of sleep! These ladies don’t do long naps yet so I can’t sleep! It is sometimes difficult but I manage ok. The only thing is I fall asleep at 8pm on the sofa! I don’t really see Andrew yet but time will come soon 🙂

I love my girls and my boys!


Just a little update:

Sleeping time!
Sleeping time

To celebrate their 3 months old, they gave me the right to sleep a little longer! What nice girls I have!

So they did 6:30pm-1am and 2am-5am and 5:30am to 6:30!

I was able to sleep in 2 times (because after 5:30am, Mateo woke up and called me!!) for a total sleep of 6:30hours!


Girls, if you do like this every night, I will catch up on my sleep very fast! I would like to say thank you! I needed it!!!


Miya and Maeva
Miya and Maeva


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    • Danette

      That’s why they look so healthy and glowing, because you’re on breastmilk. WTG! 🙂

      • Valerie

        Thank you! A post about Breastfeeding is coming soon!

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