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About Schedules

Miya and Maeva
Miya and Maeva

I think I’m on schedule but not like I was thinking!
You are going to say: “what do you mean?”
What I mean is that I’m not doing anything for it but I think they are doing the schedule for me!
This morning they both woke up without crying! They moved a lot and when I went to see them they smiled at me! What a gift in the morning!!
The nights are almost great now! They go to bed at 6:30pm and I don’t hear them until 1:30-2am!

Wednesday, Andrew was at his podcast and I fell asleep on the sofa (maybe by 8:30pm !!) I woke up at 10pm and went to bed direct! But by 10:30pm my little boy started to cry. I went to see him for 1/2h. He was coughing badly, poor baby! (I’m not a baby, I’m a BIG boy!!).  I put him asome cream on his chest and eucalyptus oil in his room and it’s like a miracle no cough the next morning!
Anyway I went back to bed at 11:15pm… I’m so tired at this point but I was expecting the girls will wake up soon (like 15 min!!)
In fact they started to move at 1:30am. I was happy because I was able to breastfeed both the same time! It’s not my favorite time but at night it’s the best that I can go back to sleep within 15 min!!!!
My next feed was at 4am for Maeva. Miya was still sleeping and she didn’t wake up. I think I did a mistake by taking her and breastfeeding her after her sister! A lot of mom does it (they called it dream feed!) but I still think it’s not so good because at 5:30am she woke up… It was a burp but I breastfed her and she slept in our bed.
Both woke up at 7am. And Maeva didn’t ask for food until 8am!
So at 8am I took both girls in my bedroom and fed them at the same time! I also put my sheep on (music box shaped like a sheep) with the noise of a gentle stream! After the feed I lay down with them (and fell asleep!!!). They played a little bit by themselves until they fell asleep!
Maeva woke up by 9:30am (I think when the sheep stopped playing sounds) and woke me up!!!
I fed her and played with her until I felt she was tired! I didn’t want to put her in my bedroom as Miya was still sleeping! So I put her in the swing.
Miya slept until 11am… I was almost worried for her because it never happened before so I went there a few times! But everything seemed ok!!
I fed her and everybody seems happy today!!!
So my advice for the day is to listen to them and do what they want to do. I can see if they want to sleep! They fix something without moving! I think at this time I could take both to the crib!
Mine want to sleep at around 8am (a little earlier sometimes) and I notice that if I take them right at the good time everything works perfectly but if I take them too late it’s harder to put them to sleep!
So watch for the cues: mine are putting their hands in their mouths, fixing on something for a while without moving… And the last clue is crying but that means it’s too late!!!

I also think they sleep longer in the bedroom lying down where it is not too warm (our living room is 22C!)
My girls don’t have reflux that Mateo had. Oh! they split up a lot but they don’t complain at all!! So it’s easy to lie them down. I think they need each other to fall asleep deeply.

About schedule
Together… It is better!!