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What experience I’ve had! Whaouuu I’m the happiest Mommy of new twins

What happened before the birth of our twins? But first, Let’s go back after my first assessment on Saturday!

After they called me back to tell me I have cholostasis, I was a little worried. I called my OB and after a short discussion he said that he thinks the girls will be born before the end of next week and there is no worries I should have and asked me to come Monday at 3:30pm to his office for a non stress test.

But I know I need to give birth very soon. I can’t sleep because of the itchiness and I’m starting to be exhausted by the lack of sleep and the girls are not here yet!

So I decide to do acupuncture on Sunday and one on Monday.
The one on Sunday was to prepare to go in labour and try to give me some rest. The plan was to put me directly in labour but upon reflexion I think I was too worried and too tired for that. I decided to wait until Monday!

So Sunday I had my acupuncture session at home at 7:30pm.
It was a great session! I felt different and it was weird! Full of energy!
I slept 100 times better during the night and the itchiness was manageable! Monday morning I rested all morning and snoozed couple of times!

At 1:00pm I had my acupuncture session and she said she did a strong session to get me in labour. As I didn’t have cramping, she said I will not go in labour within 2 hours but it will come at night after 11pm.

My non stress test was at 3:30pm in the same area so decided to wait 1 hour at a coffee shop and have a dark hot chocolate!

Weird… I didn’t like it (too sweet) but normally I love it! Same as tomatoes I tried to eat some for lunch but didn’t like them!!

Anyway, at 3:15pm I went to my OB’s office. I peed in a pot and weighed myself in at 153lbs ( the usual stuff!!).

I spoke to my OB and we decided to wait until Friday to induce me (he is on call at this time!). I said ok. He really insisted that if my water break I go immediately to the hospital without waiting even a minute… Whaouu ok

He measured my cervix, still the same at 2cm.

During the non stress test, I think the lady got the same heart beat and I was worried. OB came and look at it for 10 minutes. The girls are fine and it showed I had a lot of contractions non painful but very tight!

So I am on my way home and I see that it is time to pick up Mateo. So I go directly to pick him up!

I’m having a lot of contractions tighter and tighter and said to Andrew that he should come home early. I know something is happening! It’s not the same feeling as usual!!

So at 6pm I called my midwife and she said I should call OB and come to the hospital. They are there so we can meet them there!

I still wanted to prepare Mateo for bed so he had a quick dinner and bath and put on his pj’s. We called a cab and we all got in the cab.

Mateo is very very excited! He knows that babies are coming and he gets to go in a taxi for the first time!!! Mateo is always counting taxis as they drive by our apartment window.

We took his car seat as his Grandparents are going to pick him up at the hospital!

The driver asked us which way we want to go and I answered to him, the way you think it the quickest because otherwise I’m going to give birth in your car!!!

By 6:25pm we were at the entrance of bc woman hospital

And here was the beginning of the birth…