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Happy Mother’s Day to every Mom out there. It’s a special day for us… Just one day in a year just for us!!!

Three years ago I became a mom and since it’s been a wonderful journey! Not an easy journey but an awesome journey!

I’m happy to be a Mom with the good and the bad!! I love my three children very much. I will not change anything… Oh, ok I will change some of the challenges to good stuff but maybe it would be boring!!!

Happy Mother's DayBrother and Twins










So what did I do for this special day?

I have been spoiled by my family! First I received a nice homemade gift from Mateo! It’s a bird made at daycare! Pretty cool!!!

Then I received some Roses and some chocolate from my three kiddos and a night date with my fiancé without any children! Yayyy!! Okay we will have to find a babysitter but it should be not too complicated! I’m sure Grandma and Grandpa will be happy to babysit our three wonderful children! 😉 lol!!

Happy Mother's Day
my kiddou at the secret location!


After breakfast I was able to go back to bed without being disturbed for 15 min! Yes 15 min! The best gift!!! Then, we went for a nice brunch at the secret location! Yes… yes the secret location!

Ha ha it is not really secret!! It’s the name of the restaurant!!! Lol Cool name, eh?

It was a very yummy brunch and my three lovely children behaved very good! Miya broke a plate!!! Not big deal but it was Papa’s fault because at this age they grab everything very fast!!!

But once again, I am feeling very blessed by my boys and girls!

I will never say it enough but I’m a lucky mama!



Then we came back home and Mateo went for a nap and I went for a nap too … But not for long! Take a guess how long?

15 min again!! Ha ha!! It is Mothers Day but I still have to feed two girls!

You can’t ask for 100% lazy day with three kids! Maybe when they will be 15!!

But at three and less than a year old, even though it’s your day, you still have to do few stuff like laundry… ;(

I could do it the next day, you will say… but it means I will have double job to do and it’s not so good!!

So I’m happy to help a little!! Ya ya just a little!!

I also sold Mateo’s stroller so I had to clean it and go to the storage to bring bassinet and travel bag. Bye Bye stroller!

Let's get ready to play
Let’s get ready to play


And after that we went to see my friend Jessica and Mateo played with her boy outside! It’s cool to watch them together! And it is cool to hang out in the yard! Jessica and Andrew drank a glass of white wine! Lucky them… Soon… soon I will do the same!!!

Run run run go with fun fun fun!
Run run run go with fun fun fun!









Voila I can say I had a good day and I have to say a big thanks to my big love! My man is really cool! He took care of almost everything! “Il assure” as we say in French!

He did the breakfast and dinner…

I still bathed three loves! Mateo in the bath it’s kind of fun time anyway!!


So I hope you, moms, you were spoiled like I have been and I hope your kiddous honoured you by giving you more love than ever!!!

Thank you Mateo, Maeva and Miya for being my wonderful kiddos. I love you through and through… yesterday, today and tomorrow too!! For ever!!!



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    • Renata Wurster

      I understand your excitement for your gift from your son. I am so looking forward to my first card from my kids that they make all by themselves:)

    • Megan

      Aaww, sounds like a lovely day!

    • Heather

      Wow, that’s a busy mama on Mother’s Day. Congrats!

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