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Introduction of solid foods

Ready to eat
Ready to eat

As I said in my last post, I have been introducing solid foods to the girls.
It’s not as easy as it was for Mateo!
With Mateo, he was opening his mouth with no problems but the girls they haven’t figured this out yet! So it’s much harder than I was thinking it would be!!!

Ok, ok so why did I introduce solid food already?

Because they have shown some signs of interest in food! 

First, they are staring at you when you eat. 

They love being with us at breakfast, lunch and diner time. They are very curious…

The girls are able to keep their heads in a steady, upright position.

They sit well when supported (baby needs to be able to sit upright to swallow well).
And as with most babies, they’ve doubled their birth weight (or weigh about 15 pounds).

Cool you will say… but my problem is that:

They haven’t lost the “extrusion reflex” yet. To keep solid food in their mouth and then swallow it, they need to stop using their tongue to push food out of their mouth. And it is not the case!!!

They also don’t have the chewing motions. They should be able to move food to the back of the mouth and swallow. But again, it’s not the case so half the food goes out!

You will say these are two important tasks for eating! I know, I know but my pediatrician insisted to start and they will learn on the road! 
Ya, ya but it makes it less easier for me! I wish the road was straight! 😉

Anyway, it’s been one week now they are progressing slowly but surely!!

What did they eat so far?

Yams, butter squash and rice cereal.

I have been introducing each food for 4 days.

Yams were their first food! Very funny to watch! They do weird faces like they don’t like it!!!

Mateo did the same but I started avocado with him!(so it could be understandable!)

My mistake is that I think the yams were too thick for a first time!! But I made it more like a smoothie the next times!

When I switch to butter squash I can say they loved it!

There is still 1/2 of it going out but they didn’t do weird faces. I can say they enjoy it.

And today I introduced rice cereal. Why now? Because it is easy to digest and I want to be able to give it to them at night so that they are less hungry during the night!!!

Rice cereal wasn’t the success I expected… It was ok but they were less enthusiast than butter squash! 

Hey, by the way I tasted it and I completely understand why they were not enthusiast!! It’s disgusting!

There is no taste whatsoever… I’m not going to push it because veggies are way tastier than that even with no spice or salt on it!

All my food I introduce, they are blank. It means I don’t add anything yet. I will do it in couple months but not before. Also I’m going to try as much as possible to give them organic but our finances don’t always allow it! We are not rich enough that is for sure!! 

Voila I started solid food at 6 months and I think if my pediatrician wasn’t insisting so much I will have waited a couple more weeks! 
Oh… he told me to feed them at night but I don’t! I prefer at lunch time when they are not too tired.

By 7 months they will be at two meals a day so I will do it at night time!!

Their principal meal is still my milk and I nurse them before the meal to be sure they are full of nutrients!