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Maeva and Miya are 14 months old

The girls are more active than ever! They have been changing so fast for the last couple of months!

The girls don’t really speak but they now say “whaouu” for everything! It is very funny to see them interacting! It can be nice but can be also naughty! They can push each other and say they are not happy!

Having a snack with new shoes!
Having a snack with our new shoes!

We bought their first shoes (one pink and one purple!) and even they are not used to as they never wore shoes or slippers before, they are accepting them! Miya gave me her foot when I wanted to try it on her! Like she was excited to get her shoes !!!  Going to a shoes shop with two girls that don’t want to stay in the stroller is a senario that everybody would like to avoid!!! Maeva and Miya were pulling all the shoes from the shelves and laughing at it! Miya was also giving the shoes to the vendor who was putting it back but Miya was like “no you cant put it back, I am giving it to you!” The vendor was patient but I could read on his head! I smiled at him and said “it is better to laugh at it otherwise I will be crying all the time!” and he replied “I don’t want to imagine your house!”lol My house doesn’t have tone of shoes…. So it is not as crazy!!

Miya climbing the chair...
Miya climbing the chair…

Anyway, they are now both kind of walking! They still prefer to walk on their knees or crawl but they can walk! With the shoes, it is a little bit more chaotic as I am guessing it is a little heavy on their feet! But they are going to get use to and everything will be fine! After I will be crying because they will be running in opposite direction!

They love to climb on everything and particularly on Mateo’s step! It is high enough that if they fall they could have a little pain! But we are letting them to do it for practice!!

We also started to learn how to go up and down on the stairs. At grandma and grandpa house they have cool stairs for a lot of practice! Maeva is very good at it! We even didn’t have to show her how to go down! She figured it out by herself! She must be self-cautious! Miya doesn’t have fear at all and she will go down first head down! She doesn’t get it yet! But she will figure it when she will be ready! But for sure we have to be behind them!

Maeva climbing Mateo's Step
Maeva climbing Mateo’s Step

They love kissing mommy but there is only Maeva kissing daddy! Poor daddy!! At night time, Miya will turn her head to not kiss him! Ha ha ha!!

On the sad note, they have a huge separation anxiety with mommy! A little daddy but particularly mommy! Last time, I went shopping with my boy and let the girls with daddy and they cried and cried and cried! As soon as I arrived they were smiling, smiling and smiling! Andrew put them at the window and they wave at me! I feel so lucky to have two babies!  This separation anxiety goes more than that! Nobody except daddy and mommy can take them! Sometimes, grandpa and grandma are lucky but it is kind of rare… I am wondering if it is because they are with me all time or because of the age… Mateo wasn’t like that (or I don’t remember). So it is nice to see that they are attached to me but sometimes it will be nice to be able to move without them on my legs!!!

Voila, otherwise, still on the sad note, they are still not sleeping through the night! Sometimes, it can be only wake up twice for each (I can tell you it is very rare!) and sometimes it can be 5 or more (I stopped to count otherwise I will cry!). Not easy sometimes! So I am still sleep deprive and I wish I could have a nap but it is not possible with a 3.5 years old! I still think nobody really understand what is sleep deprive… But I am hopping it will change soon! the day will come Lol

The girls love to put food on the floor… Sometimes, they look at us and through the food on the floor! They know they are doing something wrong but they are laughing at it! Sometimes, it is difficult to keep out a smile or a laugh too but we try to not do it as it will be a game that I don’t want to start!!

Voila, I love my girls and even sometimes it is chaotic, I am super tired and very stressful, I feel lucky to have them and I am happy to have my three children!

Love you three of you!

Look over there!
Look over there!