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Maeva and Miya are 15 months old!

This month was busy! They started to walk! Miya was walking a few steps for a while but didn’t really walk until the beginning of the month. Maeva who was far from walking decided in one night that it was time!!
Maeva is now climbing everywhere.

Best game is boxes!
Best game is boxes!

We went twice to the playground and Maeva loves it. Miya prefers still to be on Mom’s arm but she loves the slide! They are both funny because when they fall on the sand, they are showing me there hands and they look at the sand like it is weird!!!
Both got 4 more teeth and yesterday I noticed 2 more on the bottom are on the way.
Miya is starting to sleep well. It’s been almost a week that she only wakes up once a night. Maeva is another story… she wakes up every 3 hours or so… I’m wondering if she is afraid of something. In fact I think it is the teeth… the molars are taking forever to make their appearance but we can see the swollen gums!

After another grocery shopping!
After another grocery shopping!

Their brother started to wake up too and asking to sleep in our bed! That is strange as he almost never slept with us. He is having some fear! Monster under the bed and noises everywhere….
Sleeping for 3 hours straight is the nirvana but it doesn’t happen often with the three of them…
Some days are difficult for me when I don’t sleep enough. Coffee is even not enough….


Maeva: 'Mommy, it is time to go!'
Maeva: ‘Mommy, it is time to go!











They are still not speaking real words but they are speaking a lot of bla bla blo stuff!! They understand most of what I ask (in French and in English)
Maeva is calling me Mommy even I say Maman all the time and Mateo is calling me Maman too. For Miya is mama! Papa is for everything and everybody else!!
Funny when we pick Mateo up from preschool and I said where is your brother! They both say papa papa!! Ah ah ah sorry Andrew! Papa is not just for you yet!!!
They don’t say no but they turn their head very well to say no! They are both waving when we leave the house!

First time at the playground!
First time at the playground!