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Maeva and Miya are 8 months old

What a month! It was a very tirring month for me but with a lot of joy too!
The girls finally know how to eat with the spoon! Since 6 months old, it was about time!!! It completely changes the eating process! Before I was doing 5 spoons for one and then switch to the other! Now I do full feeding for Miya and then Maeva! Why?

Give it to me, says Miya!
Give it to me, says Miya!

Because it is way easier for me! Miya needs to warm up to eat so she is warm after 3-5 spoons so if I switch at this time, I will spend one hour to feed her! But after these spoons, she open her mouth nicely! Maeva, she opens her mouth but closes it too fast so often 1/2 of the spoon doesn’t go in her mouth! 2 girls, 2 different people! But both are eating well! I am surprised that they don’t like carrots but love cauliflower! I would have thought the opposite! They know very well how to tell us they are done or they don’t like it! They won’t open their mouths and turn their heads! The funny part is that they can close their mouth and smile! It is like Mommy I am done! It was delicious!!!
I am still nursing both girls but sometimes I am wondering if Miya is on strike or is not hungry or doesn’t want the booby! She often refuses it. I am thinking is because she is so curious of what is around her that she prefers to look at stuff, especially if Mateo is next to me and makes a lot of noises!!! But at night, she will be agree to feed all night!!!
Maeva loves the booby and noises don’t distract her! It is still fast nursing for both 5-6 minutes max but still often (too often for me!!!)


Maeva is 8.2kg (Mateo was almost her weight at 7 months old!) and measures 68.5 cm (98 percentile) and Miya is 7.66kg and measures 68cm. The pediatrician is very happy by both of their growth. Miya is always weighting 1/2kg less than her sister (since birth). I was surprised it is still the same space because I really felt she was eating less than her sister but maybe she is more efficient during nursing!!

I went to the pediatrician on Friday and with two girls I have to be organized! He is never on time and I know my girls don’t want to be stuck in the stroller forever! So this time I brought a mat and put both girls on the floor! (I have no worries of falling down and it is way easier for now! So when the pediatrician arrived in the room he found two babies sitting very well on the mat! He was surprised but happy to see them like this! Just by looking at the girls you can tell they are happy! I am still very happy by my pediatrician (Dr Hadad). He answered all my questions.


So as I was saying, the girls are sitting very well now. You put them down and they can stay like this forever! Miya will not stay as long as Maeva but she will not fall down! She will put herself down so that she can explore!! It is funny to watch how she does it! They are not crawling yet but they can go where they want to go by rolling or moving backwards! They are also on their knees and moving like crazy and also hands and foot (this position not for long!!) I think they should crawl very soon and I can tell you I am not looking forward even it is a milestone!

Otherwise they are happy babies. Smiling like crazy and starting to speak something!! Maeva is more on a dadadadadadada and Miya more on a strange noise like a terradactle! But if you do it, she repeats it! So funny!! It is really a communication!

I am teaching them to wave and to clap with their hands and Maeva is clapping with her hands (but I am not sure it is from my teaching!! I think it is more just a random thing she does lol!!! Miya is waving for sure!! Yesterday, I was in my bed (just relaxing and reading my email for a minute!) and Andrew came to the door with Miya! I said Hi Miya and waved at her! We couldn’t really believe it but she waved back and said something!! It was almost like she was answering to me!! It was very cute.

Both girls have separation anxiety. Maeva can start to cry as soon as she doesn’t see me even it is just two meters away! Often I have to take her with me to the kitchen and show her what I am doing! I also play with them by saying peek a boo! And she smiles! But if I hide too long, her smile disappears and she starts to cry 🙁
So I have to reappear in her line of vision!! In one way it is nice to see they are attached to me but in another way it is sad because it is not a very good for them. But it is a phase and unfortunately it is just the beginning.

Bath time! (Maeva left and Miya right)
Bath time! (Maeva left and Miya right)

And to finish, they are taking the bath together now. We did only once all three kids together but Mateo was a little too excited and I didn’t feel comfortable. It is just for safety that we decided to wait to put Mateo back again! But the girls are taking the bath together and it is cool to see them sitting in their bath seats.

I think that is it for this month. They are changing so fast now.

Oh I almost forgot, they are having their nap in the dark bedroom now. It is way better and I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier! Unfortunately it is not in their bed yet! They still sleep in their bouncers but they fall asleep faster with less bouncing and less singing and I can leave the room as soon as they are asleep and do my stuff without worrying to make too much noise! I also think they sleep longer too!! Sometimes I stay with them and sleep on my own bed for longer than 10 minutes unlike before!! They are still at 4 naps (it way too much) but I am slowly going down to 3 naps and putting them to bed earlier. I noticed that if it is too late they are way too tired and after they don’t sleep as well as if they go to bed early! And since we put them earlier, they wake up closer to 6am than the 5 am it was before. Andrew is very happy about that!!!!

Voila for this months!


Summer is here!
Summer is here!

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    • Jessica

      So cute. My twins are only 10 weeks so it’s fun to see the progression of your little ones. Thanks for writing this blog.

      • TheVJamin

        Thank you Jessica for reading my blog. I am happy you are enjoying it!

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