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Maeva and Miya are 9 months old and I can tell you it was a big month for them!!
First they are working on their fourth teeth and it’s painful for mommy!! Each time a teeth is coming, they want comfort during the night so my nights are very short! It’s starting to be difficult and I’m looking forward for September where they will be sleeping in their own room!!


Also,  Miya started to crawl during our vacation and until now she wasn’t going too far but now she noticed that she could go further than the big mat! She doesn’t go very fast yet but in couple of weeks it’s going to be fun for me! Lol!!

Maeva playing guitar
Maeva playing guitar

She also stands up at the window and waves at people! Ok I’m not sure if she really waves but it looks like that!! Miya is our little adventurer! She knows how to bend her knees and how to sit after standing. It’s very interesting how fast she learns..
Maeva is more a commando but she is starting to move a little further. She likes to stay sitting for hours playing with toys around her.
They are both interactive together and with big brother. I’m always fascinated by their bonding. Maeva and Miya are so happy to see their brother at the end of the day. You can see their smile on their face and they also call him with a specific noise…

At the park with big bro
At the park with big bro

Apparently, and for the next few months, separation anxiety is at its peak. Although it’s normal for a nine-month-old to show an extreme attachment to their mommy (as the experts say) and to fear everyone else, it can be difficult for grandparents. Maeva and Miya cry with Andrews parents and it must be not easy for them. I want to reassure them that they still love their grandparents and it is just a phase. So don’t worry! If it’s happening to you, you can help ease the transition for your child by warning people to approach slowly and letting the baby make the first move!

Both girls are now speaking a lot… dadadada mamamama and many different sounds! Sometimes we feel that they really say something but it’s just what we want and wish to hear!!!
Andrew is happy because they say a lot dada dada and papapapa but ha ha ha they are not calling him yet ;(

[Oh yes they are!] – Inserted by Andrew

The big news is that constipation is behind us and I can tell you it was tough few months. I gave them everything but it was still not working properly. I think since they are moving now and standing up, it helps a lot. Also, I’ve been giving them a lot of fruit (peaches, apricot…)
Speaking about food, these girls like to eat small pieces. So I have to give them some food like a bird. It makes Andrew very worried so when I do that I can see his eyes looking constantly to both girls. It’s funny because I was very worried with Mateo but with them I’m not at all.
By the way, these girls are really French! They love cheese even the one that is so strong (the one you like with red wine!)! They are crazy about (they don’t have the wine yet!) and if you don’t give them as soon as their mouths are empty, they let you know and complain until they get more!!

Voila for the news. It’s now time to pack and I can tell you with two moving babies it’s going to be tough to pack and to childproof with all our boxes…
Earlier I wasn’t looking for 1 minute and Maeva ate a book! I didn’t see it until she threw up her lunch… great… time to open the playpen and put toys inside when I’m not looking!! I can tell you it’s scary!
In a month I’m going to be with three kids (Mateo won’t be in daycare anymore) and I’m wondering how is it going to be… I hope everybody will be good!