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Maeva and Miya are 5 months old


Sorry I didn’t write any posts for the last few weeks but this month was a tough month.

5 months and it’s the first time I can say I’m exhausted!
I found it was the tougher now since they were born.
Between teething, sleep regression and growth spurts, I felt no end… Sleep deprivation is getting hard to deal with! Some parents always said to me that the first year you are like a zombie and I’m starting to believe them! I’m like a zombie who smiles!!!

Miya was crying every night for a big week and now it’s Maeva’s turn! At least they were not crying at the same time!!

They have been waking up a lot and when I say a lot it’s a lot!!!
So it was hard during the night and hard during day because they don’t let me sleep!
Hopefully everything goes back to normal and I can sleep again a little bit more!!!
These girls are still eating every 2 -3 hours during day. I found Miya was eating a little less than usual but her diapers didn’t tell me the same!


On the other hand, I’m enjoying them a lot! They are smiling like crazy and everyday it’s a discovery of new things!!!
Maeva smiles very easily. It’s very funny to look at her with her big mouth open!
Today I heard Miya laughing her head off when I kissed her belly! It was so cute!!!

The big improvement for the girls is that they are now turning from back to tummy and they really love to do it! Maeva and Miya get frustrated because they can’t turn back! They are stuck and it must be not too pleasant!!! But they want to turn and turn and turn!
Doing Tummy time works well! They can really hold their heads now and move a little bit!
Miya is also like a commando but on her back! She makes me laugh! She moves with her legs it’s cute! She will move up or spin 360 degrees! We have to be careful at night because a few times when I took her during the night for a feed, her feet was on Maeva’s head! A little scary actually because accidents can happen like this! So we moved our furniture and put a second crib in our bedroom! (I’m so looking forward that they have their own room!!).

They are now learning how to sit with a pillow. It is new so their heads are not straight yet. But they are progressing very well. Maybe by the end of the month they will sit unassisted. I don’t want to push them.
This month they grew up so much! But for sure (in weight) Maeva is still bigger than Miya!
I’m wondering finally if Miya will catch up to Maeva! It doesn’t really matter but just wondering! Maybe she will catch up when we start them on solid food!

What I find interesting is that if Miya is not hungry she will not latch at all on the breast. She will reject it! It is different than with Mateo! I remember with Mateo he will go on my breast for everything! He liked to sooth with it but Miya not at all! She prefers we look at her and rock her! Maeva is somewhere between both of them!

What amazes me is that we have two completely different personalities even we raise them identically! Actually I should say we have three kids with three different personalities!!!
But three of them don’t like to sleep two hours !!!! They love cat naps!!! And of course not in the bed!!
(I’m speaking about Mateo when he was their age!)
Mateo has his nap now in his bed for 2 hours!! Thank you daycare for that!!!
I am trying to put them in the crib now that our bedroom is dark but it doesn’t really work. And to tell you the truth I’m not consistent! As you know, I don’t like when my babies cry so I often give up and put them with me in the living room! And they sleep on their bouncer within 5 min. It’s hard with two babies!!!

Anyway, nobody is perfect and I like to check on them when they are sleeping! So the bouncer is good but not so good on weekends when Daddy and Mateo are home because of the noise!!!!

But this month, I’m going to try to be more consistent and I will see if they sleep longer!!!

Maeva and Miya
Maeva and Miya