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My girls are One!

Maeva and Miya are one and I can say we did it! Yes, I did it!!

Wow what a journey this first year was! There were a lot of ups and downs due to sleep deprivation but I will not change anything! I love my girls from head to toe and I love to see them growing up!! They grow up too fast…. It has been 12 months now they are with us, I still can’t believe it!

Miya and Maeva
Miya and Maeva

They are interacting with each other and with big bro and it is awesome to watch! What a bond between the three of them! It’s incredible and I hope it will be like this for life.

In the mean time, I can say that I have never been so tired in my life!
Some parents say that their babies sleep through the night and have two naps of two hours each but I’m not one of these parents! I wish I was but its not the case! My girls don’t sleep through the night. They wake up 3-4 times each every night and their naps are only 45 min to one hour if I bounce them…
Maybe if I was doing the CIO (cry it out) it will change but I can’t let my baby girls cry. I don’t like that. Everybody has different opinions on this and I respect all but it isn’t for me.

Miya and Maeva driving a car!
Miya and Maeva driving a car!


Lately they have been teething with their molars and it is painful! These girls like to get comfort from Mommy and Daddy. 
During the night, they only want Mommy but after 5 am, they accept Daddy and actually they go to sleep with him on the sofa and I think Daddy loves it and the girls love it too!!

We tried co sleeping a few time and it doesn’t really work for me. Oh, it’s cool to have two babies in the bed but we only have a queen bed and they take 70% of the bed. Daddy take 25% of the bed so I let you calculate what I have left… A few nights ago I had 2 inches for me! I’m glad I’m super thin because I was able to have half of me on the bed… The other half was out of the bed!!
I am happy that big bro doesn’t ask to sleep with us because I’m not sure where I will be!!! 
Maybe the three kids will be sleeping in our bed and we will go to sleep in the crib!!!!! Ha ha ha! I can completely see it!!!

Maeva and Miya at the library!
Maeva and Miya at the library!

Anyway, the girls are growing well even they are small babies! Miya was only 18.5lbs at the one year check up and Maeva 20lbs!!
But they are happy, moving like crazy, standing up and walking with the help of the furniture. Miya did few steps without help on her birthday. It was very cute! She doesn’t seem to want to walk completely yet!

Voila, we did a party for the girls and it was fun. A lot of friends came and I was sad that I couldn’t speak with everyone of them. (I am again sorry about that!). I was starting to speak with a friend but I was fast interrupted by something else… 

In the mean time, the girls were very spoiled! They got some cool stuff!


For the party we had 4 cakes!! Ya four cakes!! One for adults (we bought!), one gluten free for Grandma and one for each girl (which were sugar free!). I baked them and also made a pizza. We almost didn’t have left overs which was good!

When it was time for the candles, Maeva was very interested by the light so she put her hand on it! I blew the candle out as quick as I could to avoid she burn herself but she still touched the candle… Not burning but it was still hot. She didn’t get burned but we got some cries! Poor baby!
The girls and Mateo were very good.

Birthday Party!
Birthday Party!

Voila one year flew like the wind… I can say I am lucky to have three little healthy monkeys!